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Interior Designers for Your Oklahoma City Home

Oklahoma City moving professionals realize that style is a matter of experience just as much as it is of taste. While it is nice to hire an interior designer to design your Oklahoma City home down to every small detail, hiring an interior designer can get pricey, which is why you will want to make sure that you decide on the best interior designer for your personality. When you look at most décor schemes, many of them do not age well over time because they were created with trendy notions and little insight into what future interior design trends might look like. The Oklahoma City movers and packers at All My Sons have some tips to help you choose a great local interior designer after your move.

Defining Your Personality.

All My Sons of Oklahoma City knows that some homeowners like to provide an interior designer with an overall personality profile that will allow the designer to take over and bring a design idea to life. Oklahoma City homeowners need to keep in mind that an interior designer will be re-imagining their home, which makes the experience far more intimate than they may imagine.

You will need to assess your personality and any unique aspects of yourself that you would like reflected in your interior designer as well. You will be working very intimately with your designer and it will be important that you get along and share the same vision.


There are far too many short track courses for interior designers that allow an individual present themselves as a qualified interior design specialist. There is always the exception that there is a person who has a wonderful gift for the art of interior design, but that is generally the exception, not the rule.

You should ensure that your financial design resources are being put to good use by hiring an interior designer who holds the right qualifications, such as a degree in interior design and additional design certifications. Along with their schooling credentials, your interior designer should have a portfolio of previous work that you find aesthetically pleasing.


Local Oklahoma City movers suggest always asking for an established portfolio of the interior designer’s work, so that you can get a sense of their styles and taste. This step will save you from making a very expensive mistake later on.

Establish a Budget.

You should be realistic when it comes to establishing a budget for your interior design project. Do not underestimate the budget and make sure that you have full visibility of your total budget before you start to work with your designer.

In addition to the cost of material, you will need to factor in any additional working hours, or other unforeseen resources that your interior might require to complete the project to your satisfaction. The last thing you will want to avoid is running out of money at a crucial part of the design process.