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How to Prevent Injuries When Packing

Tips to Avoid Moving Injuries

At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we know that packing and moving can be a literal pain in the neck, especially with the Oklahoma City heat. Along with the nightmare of organizing everything you own into moving boxes comes the dreadful heavy lifting. While moving can often lead to back pain and an aching body, more serious injuries could be lurking around every corner. Use the tips below to help prevent injuries when packing.

Lift with your legs. You have probably heard this mantra many times before, but it is so important. The most common ailment that comes with a move is back pain. Avoid the back pain later by using your legs now.

Use proper equipment. Rather than relying too heavily on your legs, a set of wheels like those on a moving dolly can save you a lot of trouble and prevent accidental injuries or an aching body.  

Be mindful of children and pets. Packing can be hard enough without your children or pets running around. A room full of heavy boxes can be a hazard to any unsupervised kids or pets. Try to keep them in a separate room, or ask someone to watch them for you while you pack.

Do not stack boxes too high. Stacked packing boxes are like a child’s building blocks that are just waiting to be knocked over. One wrong step or an unbalanced block could cause a stray box to fall on you or someone else.

Stay organized. If they are stray boxes or furniture lying around all over your home, chances are someone is bound to trip at some point or another. Add a box to block their vision, and you could have big trouble.  Keep the area by the front door clear, as people will constantly be moving in and out.

Be mindful of how heavy your boxes become. Try to pack the heaviest items in smaller boxes. If you throw all of your books into one giant box, you will struggle to get it in the van. It is best not to overpack your boxes with heavy items so that you won’t hurt yourself later trying to lift them.

Hire professional movers. When in doubt, the safest way to prevent injuries when packing is to hire a team of trusted movers with experience – it will save you a lot of energy and stress. At All My Sons Moving & Storage in Oklahoma City, we can take of everything for you. Whether you are moving into or out of Oklahoma City, look no further than contacting All My Sons Moving & Storage.