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How to Include Your Kids in a Move

Moving is a stressful time for everyone, but it’s an especially stressful time for kids. Moving with kids can often be difficult, but your residential Oklahoma City movers can tell you how including your kids in a move can make it fun!

Tips for Including Your Kids in the Moving Process

Changes are difficult for everyone, adults and kids alike. However, there is no need for changes to be a negative experience during an already stressful time. If you are preparing for a move with kids, the best way to make sure everything goes smoothly is by including your kids in the moving process.

1. Prepare Your Kids Early.
Oklahoma City local movers recommend that you let your kids know about moving ahead of your move out date. Once you have decided that your family is going to be moving, that is the perfect time to begin including your kids in the moving process.

2. Have a Meeting with Your Family.
The best time for everyone to come together to talk about household issues or changes is over dinner. To make the moment comfortable for everyone, Oklahoma City movers suggest not going out to dinner and talking with your kids about the move. If family meetings aren’t usually done in your home, begin including your kids in the moving process in a way that feels more natural for your family.

3. Keep an Open Line of Communication.
Being completely transparent when including your kids in the moving process is the key to success. Allow and encourage your kids to come to you with questions, ideas, or suggestions about the move. When you interact with your kids, make sure that they know you hear and understand them.

4. Be Firm in Your Decision to Move.
Change is really hard on kids. A lot of them don’t understand why they have to move and become worried or sad about leaving their familiar home and best friends. Sometimes kids will ask to not move and try to reason you out of your decision. Kindly, but firmly, explain to your kids that the decision to move is final and continue including them in the moving process. Giving them something to be in charge of can help with this.

5. Have a Team-Player Attitude.
Depending on the age of your kid, the decision to move can seem very selfish to them. Take the time to explain to your kids why you’re moving and how it benefits them and is even uncomfortable for you too! This way, your kids will have something to relate to and see that you’re all in this move together as a family.


When moving with kids, its important to remain positive and do all that you can to make them feel comfortable. Including them in the moving process is a great way to build family bonds and show them the advantages of moving. When preparing for your move to Oklahoma City, have your kids join you in contacting All My Sons Moving & Storage. We promise to make your move easy and treat your family as if they were our own and help with including your kids in the moving process.