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Gift Ideas for Neighbors Who Are Moving Away

Saying goodbye is never easy. Especially when you’re saying goodbye to a neighbor you’ve become very fond of. Buying going away gifts, or any gift, can be tricky. If you don’t always necessarily know exactly what your neighbor would like and are struggling to come up with going away gifts, our Oklahoma City residential movers can help you to come up with going away gift ideas. 




Gift Ideas for Neighbors Who Are Moving Away Infographic



Best Going Away Gifts

Our Oklahoma City movers have eliminated the hard work of selecting the best going away gifts with these ideas that are sure to bring a smile to your neighbors’ faces. Check out these going away gift ideas for your neighbor that they can get used out of! There are three things to keep in mind when purchasing a going away gift:


- Don’t make the gift too personal


- Don’t buy flowers


- Don’t spend a lot of money


You can give thoughtful going away gifts to your neighbors without breaking the bank like these:


Gift Card to a Hardware or Home Improvement Store

Gift cards make excellent going away gifts for neighbors or even loved ones by giving the recipient the freedom to choose what they get as their gift in the end. A gift card to a hardware or home improvement store can help your neighbors get their new home decorated perfectly. A gift card will certainly not go to waste and will be much appreciated during the many trips to the hardware store. 


Local Eats

If your neighbors are making a long-distance move, getting them something from a local eatery that they love can create a sentimental farewell. Try not to buy anything that will spoil so that it can make the move with your neighbors comfortably and be enjoyed in their new home. Some great ideas are local wines, beers, or whiskeys, or buying baked goods from the local bakery. 


Plant Seeds

Plant seeds can also be great going away gifts if they’re moving away. Plant seeds instead of plants or flowers are easier for your neighbor to pack and move –especially if they're already packed when you’re saying goodbye. They are also a great hobby and will have your neighbor’s new yard looking beautiful. 


Boxed Up Spa Day

Moving is exhausting, so why not gift your neighbors some relaxation! Put together a box with stress-relieving scents like a lavender candle, or even something to put on like some lemon balm, or something to drink like chamomile tea. You can also add bathroom essentials like a bottle of peppermint soap and/or hand lotion.



There are a lot of ways to get creative with useful going away gift ideas for your neighbor.  Even if your neighbor ends up not being 100% in love with your gift, it’s the thought that counts and it will be appreciated. You can also give the gift of professional movers to your neighbors by contacting All My Sons Moving & Storage. Our Oklahoma City local movers with 20 years of experience will be sure to make any move a breeze.