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Make an Offer The Seller Can’t Resist

Sure in this economy we think sellers should accept anything they can get but it doesn’t really work that way. People selling their homes are selling for different reasons and are motivate by different factors. Giving them the exact amount they ask for in your offer or even giving them more, doesn’t necessarily give you the upper hand versus someone else who’s going to make an offer. Realtors say besides money, there are other ways to persuade a seller that they should sell you the home not someone else. 

All My Sons of Oklahoma City is here to help with a few tips on how to get a seller to accept your offer. Start with having a really good and professional realtor. He or she will not only be able to help you find a home to fit your needs and lifestyle, they will also be able to negotiate the right way for you. They’ll have your best interest in mind and get you the best price possible. They will also know how to highlight the various factors that can make you a better fit in terms of home buying.

For example, if you’re pre-approved and have a letter from your bank stating you will get a loan for a certain amount, an experienced realtor will bring that to the table when negotiating with a seller.

Another tip to help you become the chosen home buyer from a particular seller is to know why they’re selling. You can use that to your advantage. They might be forced into it because they can’t afford the mortgage in which case you can lower your bid. They might have to relocate because of a new job out of state and have to sell fast. So you might be able to promise to sign within a number of agreed upon days or weeks, especially if you’re already approved. If the seller needs to sell fast, someone like you might be a better fit, than someone that still needs to get approved for a loan and take longer. If a home seller has been burned by a previous buyer and the deal didn’t go through, he might feel more comfortable and more trusting of one person than the next. You can also meet a sentimental home owner that is sad about selling his or her home. In this case, they are looking for someone to treasure and take care of the place like they did.

As you can see money is not always the issue and a higher bid on a home doesn’t secure you the home. One thing’s for sure though, if you move within the Oklahoma area, you’ll need a professional moving company to handle your residential moving services. So don’t forget tot call the local Oklahoma movers for your moving quote and moving day appointment.