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Fireproofing Your Oklahoma City Apartment

Fires might be one of the scariest, most tragic events that can happen to someone’s home. Take the danger out of the equation, and the amount of damage that can be done is still devastating. Even if no lives are lost, and nobody is hurt, you can still lose a major part of your life. A person’s home is something that they hold very dear to their heart and in the event of a fire things can get quite heartbreaking. There are some ways that you can do your part to fireproof your Oklahoma City apartment to make it just a little bit more fire resistant.

If you haven’t already chosen an apartment, look for one that has fire-resistant walls. There is a certain ingredient in the sheetrock that is a flame retardant, so even if it doesn’t completely stop the fire from entering your home, it can at least slow it down. And in some cases that extra time is all that firefighters need to control a fire and extinguish it. It could save your life.

Smoke detectors are invaluable. If you are asleep and a fire breaks out in your building, that could be the only thing that saves you. In most places landlords are required to provide smoke detectors. If they are not, it is important that you invest in them on your own. Also, checking and changing out the batteries regularly will insure that if worse comes to worst your smoke detector will wake you up.

If you live on any floor about the first floor a fire ladder is something that you should look into. Even if you are on a floor where the ladder couldn’t get you to the ground safely at least it could get you to a lower level where you could get on a balcony and escape the fire. A fire ladder is something that you would hope you would never need, but if the time comes it is something that you won’t regret purchasing. Also a fire extinguisher is another item that you will hope you never use, but if the time comes you won’t regret your purchase.

Another thing that is recommended is a sheet, small bucket, and a jug of water. If you were ever trapped in a room, or if you needed to help someone out of a fire, dousing the sheet with water and then wrapping yourself in it could keep your clothes from catching on fire. Again, this is something that you would hope to never use, but you would be glad you planned ahead.

Fires are an extremely tragic event, and nobody would ever want to experience one. That being said, it is important to have a plan just in case something were to happen. Nobody ever regrets being too prepared for something, especially not a fire.