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Egg Home?

Seems like everybody is trying to save some money when it comes to real estate these days. According to findings from HousingWatch.com Dai Haifei, a 24-year-old Beijing architect who developed an egg house, had been living in it on a sidewalk in the high-rent Chinese city for almost two months, until it was ordered removed by city managers who said it didn't conform to housing standards. It's a 6 foot-high solar-powered home and from the looks of it, big enough for a small bed and maybe a small dresser. Pegs hanging on the wall can hold books and clothes. This egg home doesn't come equipped with a kitchen as one might expect and as far as the bathroom goes, well you can use your own imagination.

The young man wrote on his blog the following regarding the reason for building this egg house: "I want to have a home of my own, no need to be too big, as long as it shelters me from the sun and the rain". Mr. Haifei was involved in an “egg of the city” design project through an internship at Standard Architecture. These homes aren't expensive and would be a great shelter for people that are struggling he believes. The egg house cost $969 in materials to build and another $538 to transport to his company's compound according to HousingWatch.com. This egg house concept might be approved by environmentalists, but will it really catch on? Would you like to live in an egg house?

Seems like this egg home is a nice and smart idea for those who are struggling to make ends meet, but for those that are simply frugal buyers, the egg house might not really be appealing. A city filled with these small egg homes might also take away the charm of that city. Imagine a city full of these egg homes, it's not the prettiest sight. So, the egg house concept might not see the light of day just yet in America, but maybe it will in Beijing. If you're in the market for a regular home, condo or maybe even your own egg house, make sure to call the local Oklahoma movers for your moving needs. We’re backed by four generations of professional movers, so we know what we’re doing. All My Sons of Oklahoma would quilt pad wrap all of your belongings so you can be certain that nothing will ever get damaged. So for a pleasant, hassle-free move trust the Oklahoma movers. Everybody else does.