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Avoid These Top Moving Mistakes

Don’t let the road from one house to another be rocky. Avoid these top moving mistakes from your Oklahoma City movers for a stress-free move.

Thinking you should DIY move

Moves are big, and complicated. Even if you are moving to the next neighborhood over, you will have to consider the wear and tear on your body, your vehicles, and damage to household goods if you try to DIY move. If you are moving cross country – forget about it. Although it might be more expensive than doing it yourself, the benefits of hiring a moving company will pay off eventually. Your move will be quicker and smoother overall.

Not getting an estimate from your moving company

You should know the cost of your move before it happens. Many people don’t consider obtaining an estimate from their moving company, and they are surprised when the bill comes. There are various additional costs that can add up during your moving process. Speak with your moving company, ask a lot of questions, and understand how much the move will cost.  

Failing to consider specialty items

You will have to pack your items carefully. Most moving companies will not be held responsible for your specialty items, such as jewelry or antiques. These things you may want to pack and transport yourself, so that you can ensure they are kept safe and in good condition. Talk to your moving company about transporting firearms, alcohol, or other specialty items.

Failing to declutter

If you are wondering why it is taking you forever to pack up your house, it’s probably because you didn’t declutter before packing. Now you’re taking more time, using more resources, and hauling more junk than you need to. Oklahoma City movers always recommend doing a deep cleaning and decluttering before trying to pack, so your travel load is minimal.

Procrastinating on Packing

Don’t save your packing until the day before a move. Packing takes time and help from some packing tips and hacks. Start packing weeks before your move so by the time your movers arrive, you are ready to go.

Losing Your Bill of Lading

This is a very important document that contains a detailed list of the goods to be shipped. It serves as a receipt given by the carrier to the person consigning the goods. This is essentially your contract with your mover, so make sure you keep it with you.

Forgetting to Change Your Address

You don’t want to go through the entire moving process, only to realize items are still being sent to your old address. Before your move, make sure you change your address with your mail, subscriptions, doctors’ offices, school systems, and insurance carriers. 

Avoiding these top moving mistakes can help make moving day easier for you and your family.