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Home Remodeling: Worth It or Not?

These days with the real estate economy, some people are opting to repair, remodel and upgrade instead of selling and moving into a new home. But All My Sons of Raleigh found out that according to the experts, not every remodeling job is worth its value in resell. Take for example the home office. People are choosing to add built-in storage, high-tech wiring and add capabilities for their smartphones, laptops, desktops and everything in between. However, it is said to be the biggest loser among remodeling projects with only a 45.8% recoup when reselling the home.

The Raleigh movers learnt that some people choose to add a backup generator in case of weather disasters. This can cost over $14,000 but the chances of recuperating that same amount when selling the home isn’t as good, only about 45%.

Sunrooms are another popular addition, even though you’re actually adding square footage, it does come at a high price. All My Sons of Raleigh found out about $75,000 to be exact. And has the same recuperation rate as the other two remodeling projects mentioned above.

Extra bathrooms is another type of remodeling project on its way to be trendy. People are adding upscale finishes such as marble and tile, however the return is just 53 cents on the dollar. To a homebuyer, a new bathroom is not necessarily worth an extra 20 or 40 thousand dollars on the price tag of the house.

Homeowners like things to be organized but at what price. Is a newly-built garage worth the extra money? Experts are saying you can only recover about 53% of what you put in to build the added storage and other specifications.

Before you choose to remodel any part of your home, the local Raleigh movers suggest you find out what it would be worth once you try to sell your home, especially in today’s real estate market. Find out if it will hurt your house’s selling potential. Will it be much more expensive for potential homeowners, especially when it’s compared to other homes in your neighborhood. Can an updated bathroom be the reason why your home sells first? If the remodeling project is really worth it to you and your personal comfort in your home, than the local Raleigh moving specialists think its wise because you’re not expecting to recuperate in the future.