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Top Packing Hacks for Your Move to Newport News

With the big day to move out fast approaching, your moving checklist seems to be endless. You have so much to take care of like changing your address with important places and people, shopping for new furniture and décor, scheduling the installation of a new home security system, and so on. When you finally have time to start packing up your belongings and furniture, you immediately feel puzzled. If you want to ensure all your valuables arrive at the new home intact, there are special packing methods to consider in order to provide their security during the move. Our Newport News movers are happy to share the top packing hacks for your move to Newport News.


Packing Hacks for Clothes

Before discussing the top packing hacks for your move to Newport News, declutter and reduce the amount of stuff you have to pack to begin with. Think of it this way: the more you have to pack, the more packing material you’ll need. Start cleaning out closets, drawers, storage bins, and the space under your bed. For clothing that’s unsalvageable, recycle them at organizations such as I:CO and Nike Grind since they use recycled materials to create new clothing and footwear. If you have anything that can be worn again, feel free to give back to the community by donating them to Habitat for Humanity or Goodwill.

Now that you have a pile of clothes and shoes you’d like to keep, start packing off-season clothing first. Off-season clothing include outfits that might be either too warm or too cool to wear for the next three months. Get creative with how you pack your clothes and other items. You can use packing methods like wardrobe boxes, vacuum-sealed bags, or luggage to store your clothing and even wrap some fragile items in your clothes to protect them from damage. Other moving hacks for clothes include leaving folded clothes in drawers and wrapping them with Saran wrap so you’re not really packing them at all. This also makes it easier to organize at the new house. 

If you’re still struggling with packing clothes, you can always opt for our Newport News packing services to help. Our movers will take the tedious task of packing off your hands and even use quality packing material, giving you more time to handle other parts of the move.


Packing Kitchenware

Whether your kitchenware is expensive or you have a hard time letting them go, you want to make sure you bring them with you in one piece. One of our top packing hacks for your move to Newport News is to wrap kitchenware securely with cloth or bubble wrap. For example, you would use potholders to protect your knives during the move and also prevent them from damaging other items. When packing plates, stack them horizontally between disposable foam to keep them from chipping and breaking during the move.


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