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How To Prevent Injuries When Moving

While moving may be a metaphorical headache, it can often come with some painful physical ailments if not done properly. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Newport News, we are a Virginia moving company that has seen our fair share of moving injuries. We want to educate you on how to prevent injuries when moving so that your family (and your stuff) stays safe during you move to Newport News or out of state.

Tips from Virginia Movers for Moving Safely 

Moving is hectic and while your mind may be focused on many different aspects, do not neglect safety. Our Virginia movers give you a few tips for preventing moving injuries and moving safely.

Moving involves what may feel like endless trips to and from your home to the truck. To avoid common moving injuries like cuts or sprained ankles, make sure there is a clear path to and from the truck to the different areas of your home. Random objects sticking out are just asking for trouble.

When you are packing up your home, be careful not to stack boxes or objects too high. While it certainly saves space, if not done properly, it could result in fallen boxes that could injure you or your family.

Our Virginia movers recommend putting kids and pets away in a secure area. This may mean sending them off to a friend’s house for the day or keeping them entertained in a room that is out of the way. While they mean well, kids and pets running around could result in fallen boxes, items knocked over, and stray objects left out just waiting to be tripped over.

Take extra precaution with bad weather as safety hazards only increase. Be conscious of any surfaces that may become slick when wet as well as added problems with high winds. If snow is in the weather forecast, you will want to proceed with extra caution as black ice could result in serious injuries. An experienced Virginia moving company like All My Sons Moving & Storage Newport News will be able to help you accommodate for bad weather whether you move to Newport News or across the country.

Do not forget to take care of yourself. Stay hydrated and make sure you eat something healthy and filling as you will be burning a lot of energy with all those trips to the truck.

How Packing Correctly Can Prevent Moving Injuries

The easiest way to prevent injuries when moving is to hire professional movers in Newport News to do it for you. Not only will Newport News full-service movers be able to load and unload your truck safely, they can also pack for you. Many people do not realize that many common moving injuries come from improper packing.

One of the most common moving injuries is a strained back. This ailment often occurs because people overpack their boxes. Stuffing large boxes with heavy objects and then attempting to move them yourself is the surest way to injure yourself while moving. Items packed incorrectly could also poke through the boxes and catch someone. Instead, hire Newport News full-service movers like All My Sons Moving & Storage Newport News to make your move as safe as possible.