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Moving with Your Mattress

It’s not always in everyone’s budget to hire professional movers. Newport News residential movers understand that sometimes you just have to get the job done yourself. If you’re planning for an upcoming move and are planning on moving your mattress without the help of movers or a moving truck, we can tell you how to transport a mattress in a car.

How to Transport a Mattress in a Car

Sometimes your plans for moving don’t always come to fruition the way that you hoped. Newport News movers know that sometimes you just have to move yourself from one home to the next. Making sure that you transport your belongings properly and safely is one of the biggest concerns most people have when moving themselves.

There is a proper way to move a mattress that will make it more efficient as well. Improper moving of your mattress can result in bad damage to it, your car, and others on the road with you. Newport News local movers recommend that if you are preparing for a move and are going to be moving with your mattress, then you will want to look into these steps:

1. Make sure your car is the right size for your mattress.
If you have a compact car, the chances of a mattress fitting inside or even on top are very low. Before moving with your mattress, you will want to make sure that your car is equipped for the task. If you happen to have a car that is too small for the width and length of your mattress, don’t try to force your mattress inside the car. Instead, see if you can find a friend with a pickup truck or minivan that will be able to support your mattress.

You can also try to transport your mattress by tying it to the roof of your car, if your mattress is small enough and won’t obstruct your view of the road.

2. Make sure you have the proper supplies.
Just like all other aspects of moving, when moving with your mattress, it’s important to make sure that you have the proper tools for moving before trying to do so. What you will need to make sure your mattress makes the move safely, is a mattress bag for protection from dirt and debris during travel, a dolly for moving your mattress to and from the car, and a sturdy polyester-based rope for tying the mattress down. A towel or blanket will also be good for putting a barrier between the mattress and the roof of your car.

3. Don’t fold your mattress in the car.
When moving with your mattress, make sure that it can lay flat inside your car. Don’t try to move your mattress in your car if its going to end up being folded. A folded mattress can result in damage to your mattress when it opens back up again.

If you find that you’re not able to mange moving with your mattress on your own, contact your Newport News movers for assistance. Our professional movers will make sure that your mattress moves to your new home safely.