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Moving with Kids

Relocating to a new home is considered the third most stressful life event after the death of a loved one, the most stressful life event, and divorce coming in second.1 So, of course, you’re most likely stressing over your upcoming move to Newport News. Your plate is full of relocation tasks waiting to be completed such as booking our Virginia moving company to help you relocate and changing you address with the local post office and other places of importance.  However, through the flurry of mental chaos, your children’s mindset may slip your mind throughout the process. Children tend to experience unease when they’re moving – more so than adults – due to the immediate change of their environment. As our Newport News movers have experience moving with kids, we can share helpful tips to make it easier.


Before Moving to Newport News

Moving with kids can be difficult, especially when they are nervous about the move. Quell their worries about the sudden change of their environment by initiating a family meeting about the subject. Talk to your children to see if they have any sudden worries to help you better prepare them for the move. During this meeting, plan a day of fun activities to help them become more optimistic for the move. These activities can include going to the beach, arcade, movie theater, theme park, and so on.


Along with planning activities for the family to do after moving to Newport News, pick out décor with your little ones for their new room such as bedding, bean bags, rugs, posters, and curtains. The online shopping will help them be even more optimistic about moving into the new home.


Helping Children Cope with Moving

Now that your moving day has finally come, it’s time to pay close attention to your children’s behavior and to watch out for anything that can trigger their moving anxiety. When our Newport News movers arrive to help you move, you can introduce them to the kids to help them look less like strangers and more like friends. Our friendly Virginia movers know how moving can make children feel, and a quick little chat can help the little ones remain calm during the process.


Once our Virginia movers start packing up your belongings as part of our Newport News packing services, designate a space in the home to keep the children away from the chaos. Keep them busy with picture books, coloring books, toys, and a mobile tablet to watch their favorite movies or TV shows.


After Moving to Newport News

While our Newport News movers are helping you get settled into the new home, fulfill the promise you made for a day of fun activities. Visit the beach or theme park to help the children become familiar with the new city so they won’t be scared of the new neighborhood. Afterwards, introduce the kids to the neighbors to help them become familiar with the residents of their area. You never know – these very same neighbors may have children of their own for your little ones to befriend.


Moving with the Best in Town

If you’re looking to move into your new home in Newport News without breaking a sweat or your back, give our Newport News movers a call. Our moving company in Virginia has been in the relocation industry for over twenty years, so, you can rely on our licensed movers to get the job done. Don’t delay, contact our Virginia movers today for your free, no-obligation quote.




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