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How to Save Money Moving to Newport News

As you’re organizing your move to Newport News, the first order of business is your finances. Moving into a new home can put a strain on your wallet, and if you don’t budget carefully, you can end up with empty pockets after moving in. No one wants to move into a new home broke, so our Newport News movers can show you how to save money moving to Newport News.


Don’t Shop for Boxes

Believe it or not, there are plenty of packing boxes at your disposal, so there’s no need to purchase any. If you want to know how to save money moving to Newport News, you should ask around for boxes. Start by visiting places like local grocery and liquor stores since most of their inventory is delivered in boxes. Boxes from the liquor store are exceptionally perfect if you need to pack drinking glasses because they come sectioned off inside. Also, if you work in an office building, stop by the businesses inside to ask if they have any spare boxes. Paper boxes are particularly sturdy, can be packed to capacity with no problem, and stack easily. Not to mention they have holes on the side that make them easier to carry.

If you’re having trouble finding boxes on your own, don’t hesitate to hire our Newport News packing services. Our specially trained Virginia movers use quality packing materials when we take the tedious task of packing off your hands. Therefore, you’ll have more time to handle other aspects of the move.


Tax Write-Off

Though it’s not immediate, another tip on how to save money moving to Newport News is using your move as a tax deduction. For your move to Newport News to be considered a tax write-off by the IRS, it must be job-related, and your position must be full-time for a minimum of 39 weeks within the first 12 months of relocation. [1] Additionally, the move must be at least 50 miles from your old address.

Declutter the Mess

The more junk you bring with you to move to Newport News, the more packing material you’ll need to buy. Therefore, cut down on packing material cost by giving your moving inventory a good sorting. Donate salvageable clothing, shoes, and books to charities like the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and Habitat for Humanity. You can also donate books to local schools and libraries since they’re always in need of new books.

Relocating Off-Season

When planning how to save money moving to Newport News, make sure schedule the move for off-season. Off-season is October to March of next year when not as many people are likely to move. Because of this, moving companies like our Virginia movers are happy to help you relocate for a discounted price.

Saving Money with All My Sons Moving & Storage

When you’re trying to move to Newport News on a budget, give our Virginia movers a call. We’ll customize a relocation package around your budget to save you money before moving out. Give us a call at 804-409-9896 today for your free, no-obligation quote.



[1] Intuit TurboTax – Guide to IRS Form 3903: Moving Expenses