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How to Prepare Your Furniture for a Move

Moving always seems like a great idea; and it is, until it comes time to figure out how you’re moving your furniture. A lot of times when people move, they opt to sell or donate their furniture because of how much work goes into moving it. If you’ve invested in good furniture and plan to take it with you, Newport News local movers can help you with preparing your furniture for a move.

How to Prepare Furniture When Moving

Before you begin to move your furniture, Newport News residential movers recommend that you go through these steps when preparing your furniture for a move.

Make a List of the Things You’re Moving with You
The first thing you should do when preparing your furniture for a move is to make sure that you know what pieces you are taking with you. Once you have decided and counted the number of pieces that you’re going to be moving, then you will want to decide what can move as is, and what needs to be disassembled.

Know the Width of Your Doorway
Making sure that your non disassembled furniture can fit through the doorways in your home is really important. You don’t want to discover on moving day that your couches or beds do not fit through the doorways and you need to disassemble them in a hurry. The same applies for moving these pieces of furniture through stairwells and hallways. A good rule of thumb for preparing your furniture for a move is to always disassemble the larger pieces, unless you’re planning to hire a Newport News full service moving company, like All My Sons Moving & Storage.

Get the Right Tools
If you need to disassemble furniture, make sure that you have the right tools to do so in advance. Some pieces of furniture will require special tools to disassemble legs and table tops. When preparing your furniture for a move, you will want to keep small pieces like screws and bolts in a Ziplock bag for safe keeping. It’s also a good idea to look into renting or purchasing a dolly and bungee cords for moving your heavier pieces of furniture easily.

Start with Disassembly First
In preparing your furniture for a move, its best to start with the pieces that need disassembling first because they take the most time.

Properly Wrap Your Furniture
Make sure that you protect your valuable pieces when preparing to move your furniture. You will want to make sure that your furniture makes the move unscathed by investing in the proper packing and moving supplies. A moving blanket will be very necessary for wrapping furniture and padding a moving truck. Packing tape will be useful as well, as it will secure the moving blankets in place on the furniture.


If you are planning a move to or from Newport News, contact the professional movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage. We pride ourselves in over 20 years of moving experience, and will move your furniture as if it were our own!