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How to Pack A Two Bedroom Apartment in 48 Hours

It’s more than possible to pack a two-bedroom apartment in two days if you know the right packing hacks. With a plan, some elbow grease, and lots of motivation, you can pack an entire apartment in 48 hours like a real packing professional.

All My Sons is a Newport News moving company with decades of packing experience. We have packed entire apartments and houses in hours. We asked our professional movers and packers to write down a few tips for how to pack an apartment quickly, and this is what they told us.

Proper Unpacking Planning

The most important secret to packing your apartment in one weekend, is to plan ahead. Spend a night deciding how to pack and what to pack first, and you’ll cut your packing time by two-thirds.

The trick to our quick packing techniques is our secret weapon, the coordinator. Newport News movers send in a moving coordinator to assess the homes we pack before and that makes all the difference.



How to Pack Your Two-Bed Apartment infographic


Pro Packing Tips

Use a packing checklist.

You can create your own packing checklist with the rules below. Your packing checklist will account for time as well.

The average time to pack a house in two days is about 14 hours. This is an overestimate to ensure you budget your time well. The secret to a packing checklist is to overestimate how long things will take by at least 10% to give yourself a cushion.

Focus, which means no TV, no music, no surfing the internet while packing.
Most of us like some “background noise” when we drone away at a task, but this is a mistake. Background noise decreases your level of productivity, naturally, and then there’s always a chance you’ll get fully distracted by something on TV. Focus is the ultimate packing hack.

Packing Room-by-Room

Then, decide which rooms to pack first. We recommend packing the kitchen first. The kitchen is the most time-consuming room to pack, so pack the kitchen while you still have a lot of motivation.

After that, the packing priorities go from the most difficult to least difficult room to pack. We think of difficulty in terms of time needed to pack the room. After all, you are on a time constraint!

1. The Kitchen (4 hours)
2. Bathrooms (3 hours)
3. Bedrooms (2 hours each)
4. Dining Room (2 hours)
5. Living Room (2 hours)
6. Hallways (1 hour)

Measuring & Disassembling

Measure your doorways and larger pieces of furniture during your packing phase. You need to know what must be disassembled.

Make sure you have the tools ready, because nothing slows down packing like a trip to the hardware store.

Furniture packing tip: keep zip-lock bags handy for nuts, bolts, screws, and washers that you take off your furniture. Collect them all and tape the loose items. Label the bag and place it in a box filled with the other loose bits.