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Eat, Drink & Get Married in Virginia

Falling in love is a beautiful thing. When you finally find the one you want to share the rest of your life with, naturally the idea of marriage comes to mind. If you’re also in the middle of planning a move, it’s easy for wedding details to slip your mind. They say Virginia is for lovers and it’s true! Our Newport News local movers can help you understand the process of getting married in Virginia. 


How to Get Married in Virginia 

Before getting down on one knee or saying “yes!”, be sure to brush up on the marriage license laws of Virginia. Every state has a different way of handling the legal aspects of marriage, so what may work in your home state may not be the same when you move. Our Newport News movers have put together a guide to the process of getting married in Virginia to make sure your wedding goes off with only one hitch, yours! 


Residency and Identification Requirements

Luckily, most, if not all, states don’t require that those getting married be residents of the state. If you have just recently moved to Virginia and haven’t gotten around to becoming an official resident, you will still be able to plan a wedding in the state. All each person will need is a valid driver’s license, or any other government-approved form of identification, and a certified copy of your birth certificate. Both individuals getting married need to be present when obtaining a marriage license, which is valid for 60 days once it’s issued.


Previous Marriages Must Be Officially Dissolved
The state of Virginia will ask both parties to provide proof that any previous marriages have been properly and completely dissolved, either through death or divorce, before approving a marriage. 


No Waiting Period to Get Married in Virginia
Some states require a waiting period between the application for a marriage license and the actual wedding. There is no waiting period in Virginia for couples who want to get married right away, making Virginia one of the top locations to elope!  


Marriage License Fees for Virginia Nuptials
When you’re planning to get married in Virginia, expect to pay approximately $30 - $50. This fee is payable by cash only in some counties, while others accept credit cards with an additional processing fee.


All My Sons Moving & Storage congratulates you on finding that special someone to spend the rest of your life with! Contact us when you’re getting ready to move into your new home and we will take care of the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on your wedding plans in Vir