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‘Twas the Night Before Moving Day

Chaos—that’s what most people expect from their last night before moving.

Amidst the mayhem, your movers in Newport News want you to complete this checklist of things to accomplish the night before moving day. Just read this guide, checking items off in your head to ensure a less insane move to Newport News.

Before unplugging any complicated electronics, snap pictures of the setups with your phone. For the technologically-challenged, this prevents move in day pain when the electronics are ready to be installed. After all, not everyone is a tech guru. Also, set aside a bin for last-minute electronics, like tablets, e-readers, or laptops. This bin can be used for those gadgets that your kids (or yourself) couldn’t part with until the morning of your move. Store chargers in here after making sure that necessary electronics, like phones, are at full battery by the morning of the move.

It helps to use clear bins for all your night-before essentials, so that it will be clear which box is which. Another bin our Virginia movers think you should pack is one of necessity items which will make life easier the day of moving in. In this box you should have disposable plates, cups, and silverware. No one is going to have time to do the dishes on move-in day, and that’s if your sink is even ready to go yet. Also include in this bin paper towels, toilet paper, and sheets—all items which will alleviate moving day-anxiety.

Save a lightweight bag or backpack for toiletries. You will definitely want to have shampoo, conditioner, and soap on hand the day of your move. Sweating isn’t refreshing, but a shower is—make sure that you have the essential items for the whole family to cool off after a hectic move. Additionally, store toothbrushes, toothpaste, and any other things that you must use daily in this toiletry bag. Fill another backpack with food. No one should be hangry during your move to Newport News. The entire family is better-suited for a long day when they’re properly fed. For the morning of, pack protein bars or cereal bars for the kids. Fill it with other nourishing snacks that won’t go bad sitting in a backpack overnight and during the day. Things you may include are granola bars, varieties of chips, fruits like apples or oranges, and maybe even treats or cookies to use as incentives for the kids.

The night before moving doesn’t have to be a mad-dash to accomplish a week’s worth of things in a few hours. Don’t sweat it—most of the heavy lifting will have already been done in advance. Just follow this guide for a peaceful final night in your old home, saying goodbye to your favorite spots and recalling family memories, too.

And do not forget the most important piece of advice for the night before the big move, which could make or break the next day—get some sleep, and lots of it!