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New Haven At A Glance

Your New Haven Movers Know You’ll Love New Haven!

New Haven is the type of town with residents that speak well of its educational opportunities, well-structured neighborhoods, favorable climate, and acres of public parks. New Haven and Greater New Haven residents love their Connecticut home, and based on the rave reviews of neighbors like your All My Sons movers, you will too! 

New Haven has repeatedly been a finalist for the All-America City Award.  New Haven is no stranger to the competition and took the 2003 title after demonstrating several civic accomplishments, cross-sector cooperation, grassroots participation, and creative approaches to real resolutions on issues like low-incoming housing needs, at-risk youth programs, downtown revitalization, and healthcare for uninsured citizens. 

As the largest employer in New Haven, Yale University has supported the community’s educational systems and healthcare facilities for three centuries. Yale’s presence enhances New Haven’s cultural and artistic personality as well, adding venues, services, and a highly-educated population of students, faculty, and staff that contribute to the community in various ways. Young families, couples, and individuals will feel right at home in the East Rock neighborhood. A beautiful and family-friendly neighborhood built around the large East Rock Park, East Rock is home to many faculty members and students of the various colleges and universities in New Haven. 

Residents refer to the city of New Haven as a museum in itself. Established in 1638 as one of the earliest planned communities in North America, historic buildings stand strong as they did centuries ago. These buildings and churches like the United Church on the Green (1814) and The First Church of Christ (1812) can be found near the New Haven Green, a 16-acre public park in the downtown district that has served as the city’s central meeting place since 1638. Today, the Green hosts several public events including the well-known Festival of Arts and Ideas. Many of the hundreds of thousands of attendees do not realize the green is still the final resting place of an estimated 5,000 to 10,0000 former New Haven residents who lived within the first 150 years of the city’s founding, when the Green was used as the main burial grounds. 

The Chapel Street Historic District and the Broadway district are hot shopping spots for your inner bargain hunter. New Haven is a cuisine paradise, with over 120 restaurants located within two blocks of the New Haven Green. You can’t go wrong living and dining in a city informally credited for inventing the hamburger and rumored to have the best pizza in the world. Try Louis’ Lunch, a century-old fast food landmark that still uses cast iron stoves and antique gridirons to create burgers (perhaps the first ever hamburger?) and hot dogs. Grab a slice of pizza at Consiglio’s or Geppi’s, or head to Claire’s Corner Copia for vegetarian delights. Short on time? An army of 20 lunch carts cater to the pedestrians at Cedar Street and York Street each weekday. Don’t forget the finishing touch – a scoop of ice cream from Ashley’s. 

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