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Moving to Nevada is stressful for everyone, but don’t panic. All My Sons Moving & Storage has created the ultimate Nevada moving checklist to assist you in your move. With over 40 years of experience in the moving industry, we have the best recommendations and tips for moving to Nevada.

What is the First Thing To Do When Moving to Nevada?

Ready to begin? Well, about 8 weeks out the best thing you can do is to take measurements (including doorways!) of your new home. We suggested this because you will have a better understanding of what furniture you will want to leave behind. It will save you energy and money by transporting fewer items that have no value to you anymore. Once you have a detailed floor plan go back home and begin sorting your belongings. All My Sons Moving & Storage suggests that you make four piles, one for trash, one for donating, another for selling, and the last one is for items you are taking with you. 

With the trash pile, you should make sure you are following Nevada’s proper protocols, especially for hazardous waste items. If you begin to notice that your trash pile is seeping over your trash can you may want to rent a trash bin. As for the donation pile, there are several organizations that would appreciate slightly used items, such as the Salvation Army. Be sure to ask if they are able to pick up the items themselves, especially for larger pieces. Your third pile for items you think you can get money for list them on OfferUp or another similar site, or of course, you can have a good old-fashioned tag sale. 

Now for the final pile of items you are taking to Nevada, the items you are keeping. All My Sons Moving & Storage suggest that you label everything. On the label write what is in the box and which room in your new home it’s going to. This will be very beneficial to the movers on moving day and make everything go much smoother.  Another tip is to take pictures of wiring setups in case you need to reference the picture when it is rewired. 

Okay, now that you have cleared out all of the items not going with you it is time to call All My Sons Moving & Storage to get your written quote. You will also want to talk to our team about the level of insurance you will want to carry on your items. Once that is squared away, call the HOA, if applicable, to find out their rules and regulations regarding moving. Also, your new city may require you to obtain a parking permit in Nevada, such as Las Vegas. Be sure to get answers to these questions right away!

Who Do I Need to Tell When I Move to Nevada?

Now it’s time to let everyone know you are moving to Nevada! For a complete list of contacts check out the All My Sons Moving & Storage Checklist, but here are ones specific to Nevada. Notify the DMV, energy, post office, water, and sewage. Important contacts are Nevada’s public safety and Nevada’s public agencies

What Should I Do 2 Weeks Before Moving to Nevada?

As the days dwindle down you should start tying up the loose ends such as returning library books, picking up dry cleaning, backing up your computer, making a moving playlist, and testing smoke alarms. If you have a lot of food that you will not be able to eat or take with you, you have the option to donate it. Another important task is to check the weather and respond accordingly. Double-check you have enough drinks and food to stay hydrated and nourished the day of the move. Make sure you hit the ATM to get money to tip your movers. Lastly, drain water hoses, defrost freezers, and get your final utility meters read. 

What Do I Do on Moving Day?

If you followed the All My Sons Moving & Storage Checklist moving day should be a breeze. It is important for you to watch your items go into the truck and note their condition. Do the same thing when unloading. Any discrepancies need to be noted in order to file a claim. If you were renting your old home do a final walkthrough with your landlord, give the key back, and hopefully get your deposit back. Congratulations, you successfully moved to Nevada!

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