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Tips for Packing Liquids When Moving

Deciding what stays and what goes during a move is always challenging. Especially when you’ve recently bought things like cleaning products or soaps. You don’t want to throw them away because they’re still full – but how do you move them? If you’re getting ready to make a move and have some cleaning items you’re planning to transport, our Nashville residential movers will share tips for packing liquids to make sure you move them safely, with no spillage.

Tips for Packing Liquid When Moving

Nashville local movers recommend following theses tips for packing liquids when moving, to ensure that your liquids don’t spill.

1. Take a count of what you have.
Since liquids can be harmful and cause damage, its important to take inventory of what you have and what you need so that you purchase the right amount of packing materials.

2. Dispose of what you don’t need.
Once you have taken a proper inventory of the liquids you no longer need, then its time to get rid of them. One of the best tips for packing liquids is the less liquid items you try to move with you, the better. If you are unsure of what should be thrown away, ask yourself the following questions:
- Have you used it in the year?
- Is it expired?
- Is the packaging damaged?
- Is it almost empty?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you don’t need to try to move the liquid item with you.

3. Make sure to pack all your liquids together.
Nashville movers think that these tips for packing liquids are sure to make moving them a lot easier. They will also help you to make sure that they don’t spill or ruin valuable items.

To lower the possibility of your liquids spilling or ruining things, pack them by similarity. Keep all cosmetic liquid items together in one box, all kitchen liquid items together, and keep oils and sauces separate as well.

4. Use proper packing techniques.
If you’re unsure of the proper techniques for packing liquids, you can follow these 3 easy steps, using plastic wrap, packing tape, rubber bands, and garbage bags.

- Secure the opening of the container.
Remove the top of the liquid’s container, cut a square of plastic wrap and place it over the opening. Put the lid back on the container and make sure to close it as tight as you can. There should be extra plastic wrap sticking out from the lid.

- Wrap the outside of the container.
After the lid is back on the bottle, use a larger piece of plastic wrap to secure the outside of the bottle. Wrap the plastic wrap around the outside of lid for a double barrier and secure it with packing tape or a rubber band. If you don’t want to use a ton of plastic wrap, you can wrap the inside of the bottles and then place them into sealable plastic bags instead.

- Line the bottom of the box.
Even though you have taken precautionary measures, accidents can still happen. Using plastic boxes over cardboard ones is one of the most helpful tips for packing liquids, but if you choose to use a cardboard box, you certainly will want to make sure that it’s lined. The best way to line your cardboard box is to use trash bags, similar to the way you would put a bag in a trashcan. This way if any liquids happen to spill, the integrity of the box is protected.

5. Make sure to mark your boxes.
Once your liquids have been properly packed, be sure to label the boxes that they are in. This way both you and your movers know what’s inside and to handle the boxes with care.


All My Sons Moving & Storage is proud of our expert movers who know all the tricks and tips for packing liquid. We also pride ourselves on the professional packing services that we offer to Nashville. When preparing for your next move, be sure to contact us to take care of the heavy lifting for you!