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Tips and Tricks to Save Money After Moving to Nashville

The cost of living in Nashville is increasing. Don’t worry, learning how to use your money wisely in order to reach a certain financial goal is now simpler than ever! Our Nashville movers share a few tips and tricks to help you save money after a Nashville move.


Be Smart and Stick to Your Budget

Prior to your move, our Nashville local movers suggest you establish a post-move budget. Your finances are most likely running low after signing the contract to your new home, hiring movers, buying furniture and more. It’s vital to set specific rules in place to appropriate allocate money towards your essential expenses. The best way to prepare yourself is to create a spreadsheet with a list of your current monthly expenses in order to adjust certain parts of your budget so you can save money after a Nashville move. Make a list of the items or services you spend your money on and determine whether or not they are essential. Rent or mortgage, utilities, and groceries are commonly considered essential expenses while daily coffee runs and restaurant outings are typically considered unessential items. However, keep in mind that your definition of essential is different from someone else’s. Regardless, making a list will make it easier to figure out the items you could live without until your funds improve. 


Cut Back on Restaurant Eating

Dining out can rapidly become very costly. Saving on the cost of meals will drastically help your bank account in the long run not to mention the health benefits of cooking at home versus eating out. Instead of grabbing food from restaurants, invest in a few cookware items and look up some recipes online. Another good idea our Nashville long-distance movers recommend is to prepare a few servings of freezable meals for the days when you need a quick meal. Save restaurant dining for special occasions and sporadic social events. Take the opportunity to learn new cooking skills and try recipes mimicking some of your favorite dishes from restaurants you like. By reducing the extra spending at restaurants, you’ll soon start reaping the benefits of allocating your funds wisely.


Decrease the Cost of Utilities

One of the easiest and most effective ways to save money after moving to Nashville is to try to cut down on your utility bills. Set the A/C at a higher temperature and use ceiling fans or standalone fans to stay cool and circulate the air. If the weather is cool outside you could open the windows and maybe even turn the air condition off. Another helpful tip is to invest in blackout curtains to block out the sunlight and maintain a cooler temperature throughout the house. Additionally, to save on your electric bill, hang your clothes to dry instead of using the dryer. Reducing the amount of water that you’re using is another great way to reduce the cost of utilities to help you save money after a Nashville move. Shut off the faucet when you are brushing your teeth and take quicker showers to reduce the amount of water you use daily.


Affordable Nashville Moving Services

 Make it easier to budget post-move by saving on your upfront moving costs to begin with. Contact our friendly moving professionals to learn more about how our affordable moving services can make your move easier so you can focus on settling into your new home and replenishing your funds.