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The Nashville Movers Help You Recognize Rooftops

If you’re looking to buy a new home, it’s important you understand the different elements that make up that house. Understand the architecture, the construction, the aesthetics and so on. The roof of a home is very important too. Different styles have different pros and cons to it. To help you understand the roof component of a home, All My Sons of Nashville is here to help with an overview of a few advantages and disadvantages.

When buying a home you’d like to move into, you should make sure you look for a long-lasting and stylish roof, one that could give character to your home and even add to the architectural element. You want one that will keep the rain out, one that keeps the heat in during Winter months and keeps the cool air in during the Summer.

If the home you’re interested to buy has a stately slab, typically black or gray and with a smooth texture, then know that it’s considered to be the best type of roofing because of its durability. The local Nashville movers learnt that it can last up to 100 years. To make sure the roof is maintain well, you need substantial framing to bear the heavy weight.

metal roof is made from metal and tiles and usually is in bright colors, like terracotta. The pros are that this type of roof is very durable and maintains itself well with high winds and hail. People concerned with being ‘green’ usually choose this type of roofing because it’s made from recycled materials. Another advantage is that it helps conserve energy because metal reflects heat. The disadvantage is that it can be pricey and you’ll most likely hear the rain hitting the roof if your inside the home.

The clay tile roof comes in stylish earthy colors and looks like ceramic. It’s often associated with the Mediterranean style homes and is very attractive. Tiles are either made of clay or concrete and the advantage of having this roof is that it’s fire resistant. The disadvantage is cost. It’s expensive to have this good-looking roof.

The asphalt shingle roof is grainy and thin and come in various colors like green, gray and even reddish hues. This type of roofing is very popular in America because it’s quickly installed, is fire-resistant and budget-friendly. However, it does need to be replaced every 25 years or so. The other disadvantage is that in high winds, the tiles can be blown off.

Once you find the house you like and roof you love, don’t forget to call your local Nashville movers for your stress-free residential move. We’ll take care of all the details surrounding your move, all you have to do is pack those moving boxes and get online for a free moving quote.