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Nashville Movers Present New Real Estate Program

According to an article on Housingwatch.com, The Obama Administration has a program that will help people buy a cozy house in town. It’s called the Partnership for Sustainable Communities and the real estate program is there to encourage investment near mass transit. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and Department of Transportation are partnering up to give local governments nationwide $175 million this year to make the necessary preparations.

All My Sons of Nashville learnt that since the 1930s, trillions in federal investment created the nation’s suburbs, by building interstate highways and financing mortgages for residences in new subdivisions.
Now, the process is going to work the other way around. Governments are looking to stop suburban sprawl and the oil dependency, greenhouse gas emissions, obesity and other ills that have resulted from a total dependence on cars in much of the nation. The idea is to give people options besides driving and to create more residences in locations where people can walk or take a light rail train.

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