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More Packing Advice From the Nashville Movers

All My Sons of Nashville movers have done numerous moves and all types of moves too. Some bigger than others, some from apartments others from single-family homes, some were even commercial moves while other were long distance moves. The one common thing all of these had was packing. Whoever moves, from whatever location, always has to deal with the packing and the moving boxes, unless they have someone else do it for them. If you’d like to have the Nashville local movers pack for you, just let us know, and will add that to your moving estimate. It’s an extra charge, but can be worth it to you if you don’ have the time or if you dread the task. Plus, you’ll benefit from having experts in moving packing your personal belongings making sure that your things aren’t damaged and secure. However, if you’d like to pack yourself, please enjoy the Nashville moving specialists’ packing tips below and good luck with your move.

Make sure to have sturdy boxes that can keep your things safe. If you’d like to have professional-grade moving kits and moving boxes sent directly to your home, just place an order with All My Sons Moving Supplies. Place heaver items on the bottom and remember to label your moving boxes. If you’re packing easily breakable items, try stuffing the box with crumpled newspaper on the bottom and sides before you place your belongings. That will pad the box and give your stuff extra protection.

As far as fine China and glassware, use china boxes if possible and a lot of newspaper. Wrap each plate, bowl, saucer and glass with newspaper. Don’t forget to wrap the handles too. Watch how you stack everything, placing all the handles towards one direction can also help.

When you’re dealing with clothing you can pack your hanging clothes in a wardrobe box. It will make it easier for you when you unpack. As far as your dressers shirts and other folded clothing articles, have your luggage do double duty. Pack your luggage and bigger bags with those clothes. You’ll move clothing as well as the bags. Plus, you’ll save on moving boxes.

Electronic equipment you can protect in bubble wrap. All My sons Moving Supplies includes that in our moving kits. You can also place bubble wrap in the box, on the bottom and sides to further protect the electronics. Make sure to keep batteries, cables, remotes and any related accessory with the electronic item so you’re not looking for things when you unpack.