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Moving with Pets | Nashville

For whatever reason, it’s time for you to pack your things and move to Nashville. You’re going through a relocation checklist of tasks to take care of such as booking our Tennessee movers to help you move and updating your address with various places or people of importance. Through the chaos, you may not realize the effect the move is having on your pet. Due to the sudden change of their environment, animals can experience distress or seem uncooperative. Not to worry, our Nashville movers of All My Sons can share helpful tips about moving with pets.


Getting Ready to Move to Nashville with Pets

Get a head start on preparing your pet for the move by visiting the vet. While you’re at the veterinarian, request health records and additional prescription medication needed to last your pet until you find a new vet in Nashville. Speaking of which, also ask for recommendations for reliable vets in Nashville to visit as soon as you move. If you’re moving long-distance with pets from another state, consult the vet about rabies tag regulations in the state of Tennessee. The vet can also update the information on your pet’s microchip and ID tag during the visit in case you lose your furry friend during the move (hopefully, not!).


After visiting the veterinarian, create an overnight kit for your cat and/or dog. This kit can help soothe your pet’s nerves during the move and can include items such as their favorite toys, food, treats, grooming tools, cat litter, and a pooper scooper.


Moving to Nashville with Pets

After our Tennessee movers securely pack your valuables and furniture using our Nashville packing services, you must pay attention to your pet’s behavior to ensure you help them remain calm. Moving long-distance with pets? Call several hotels along your route to double-check if they’re pet-friendly. Getting a break from being cooped up in the car during the journey can further help your pet relax.


If you have a small dog or cat, you can keep them safe in a kennel while you’re moving to Nashville. Throw a blanket over the kennel to prevent them from seeing the changing environment. A week or two before your moving day, train your pet to get used to the kennel and reward them with treats.


After Moving with Pets

While our Nashville movers are unloading your belongings and unpacking everything, designate an area in the house to keep your pet away from the chaos. This can also help your furry friend familiarize themselves with their new home. If you have a big dog, you can let them loose in the yard, assuming it’s enclosed with a fence, so they can run around and familiarize themselves with their new environment while keeping them from getting in the way of our licensed movers.


What Moving Stress?

When you hire our Nashville movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage to help you relocate, you’re sure to receive quality moving services along with exceptional customer care. Why wait? Contact our moving company in Nashville for your free moving quote today!