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How to Move to Nashville in Bad Weather

Now that you’ve planned to move to Music City, it’s time to tie up loose ends a few days before moving day. This may include contacting important places and people of your change of address, shopping for new furniture and décor, scheduling an installation with your Internet provider, etc. After finishing the most important of tasks, you check your favorite weather app to make sure it’s smooth sailing on moving day. Unfortunately, you experience a sinking feeling in your stomach as the forecast shows it will be raining cats and dogs. That’s not a problem as our Nashville movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage tell you more on how to move to Nashville in bad weather.

Plastic Packing

Normally our movers suggest reducing as much plastic use as possible when packing for a move. Yet, concerning the weather condition at hand, we recommend using plastic bins if you want to know how to move to Nashville in bad weather. If you decide to use cardboard boxes instead, they can become susceptible to damage when moisture comes into contact. Therefore, putting the contents inside at risk for further damage. With plastic storage bins, your valuables are kept airtight and dry from the rain, ensuring their safety for the move.

If you’re not able to find waterproof packing material in horrible Tennessee weather, feel free to book our Nashville residential movers who offer expert packing services. With a bad forecast in mind, our movers will use waterproof material to ensure your belongings are safely packed for the move.

Reduce Lugging Distance

Don’t place packed plastic bins and furniture sporadically through the house as you’re moving out. When trying to figure out how to move to Nashville in bad weather, start with reducing the distance between what you must lug out and the doorway. Gather all packed storage bins and furniture and move it towards the doorway so you’ll reduce your chances of tracking in excess moisture as you’re moving out. If you have a garage, that’s even better as you can easily back the moving truck up to the door.

Lay Down Cardboard

Reduce your chances of slipping and falling in the rain by laying down cardboard. It would really throw a wrench in your plans if you were to lug out storage bins in the rain to only slip and fall on the pavement. Lay down pieces of cardboard along the path from the moving truck to the doorway to add some grip to your footing.

The Relocation Experts Are Here to Help

When looking for expert movers to help you move to in bad Tennessee weather, you can rely on our team. We provide a selection of relocation services to meet any of your moving needs, rain or shine. Why wait? Get started on moving to Nashville by call 615-908-2977 today for your complimentary, no-obligation quote.