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How to Buy Cowboy Boots That Fit

Nashville is a great city for sightseeing, music, food and line dancing! There are a lot of great bars that line the sidewalk of downtown Nashville that you can visit once you’ve settled down a bit. When you’re new to the Country Music Capital and want to try to blend in, it’s only right that you walk around in an authentic pair of cowboy boots! But how do you go about finding cowboy boots that fit properly? The Nashville local movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage share a few of their boot buying tips. 


Try On Cowboy Boots 

It’s important to make sure that you have the shoes that fit properly when you plan to be on your feet a lot. That’s why we have put together some helpful tips to help you buy cowboy boots that fit while you’re in Nashville. 


Making sure that you’re buying not only a pair of boots that you absolutely love but also a pair of boots that fit right will save you a lot of foot pain, not to mention the hassle of trying to return the boots after purchase. There are three things to keep in mind before you decide on a pair of cowboy boots: 


Try the Boots on Both Feet
Just because human have 2 feet doesn’t necessarily mean they are the same exact size. With cowboy boots, you will want to check the fit of the boots on each foot sitting down, standing up, and even walking around a bit.


Wear the Cowboy Boots with Socks 
When you’re trying on boots, make sure you’re doing so with the type of socks you would normally wear with them; that way you can determine whether or not they are the right fit when you actually wear them. Cowboy boots also are not the most comfortable shoes if they’re not the right fit or you’re not wearing the right socks. Wearing socks keep your feet from developing blisters, keep your feet warm, and provide an extra little bit of cushion so you can walk all over town and dance the night away.


Shop for Cowboy Boots in the Afternoon

Buying a pair of cowboy boots may be the first thing on your to-do list in the morning, but it’s not a good idea to try shoes on at that time. The Nashville residential movers recommend waiting until the afternoon to try on cowboy boots. After walking around for most of the day your feet are likely more swollen in the afternoon so you can be sure that you get cowboy boots that fit just right after you purchase them.


How Should a Pair of Cowboy Boots Fit? 

Your whole foot should be snug in your new cowboy boots. The only part of the boot that should feel spacious is your heel.  Your heel should comfortably slip into a new boot if it’s the right size. If it doesn’t, consider going a size up. The more you wear the boots, the more you will see that the heel leather softens over time. You will also notice that the boot will conform to your foot and the slippage will go away. 


When buying cowboy boots that fit, the ball of your foot should be at the widest part of the boot’s sole. This is different than buying other shoes, where you would normally wiggle your toes to make sure it’s the right fit. Making sure that the ball of your foot is in the proper part of the boot is a great way to know you’re getting the right size. If the ball of your foot is too far forward in the boot, then it’s too small and you’ll want to go a size up.  The instep of the boot should fit like a glove over the top of the arch of your foot.  



When you’re ready to boot-scoot-boogie down to Nashville and buy cowboy boots that fit, contact All My Sons Moving & Storage! We will make your move hassle-free and treat your family as if they were our own.