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Have a Greener Move Thanks to Nashville Movers

Going green is the hottest trend right now. It’s environmentally better and in the case of moving, can make it actually a little cheaper. The moving process can create a lot waste from packing supplies to the actual fuel of the moving truck. So All My Sons Moving and Storage of Nashville is here with a few random green moving tips that will help you be good to Mother Earth and save you some hard earned cash.

All My Sons of Nashville recommends you recycle the things you don’t use. Line up a few boxes and fill them up with thins you don’t use anymore. This can include anything from books you’ve already read to extra appliances you have (like a second toaster) to clothing that doesn’t fit anymore. You can give these items to friends and family or to charity. By having someone else put your old belongings to good use, you are not only recycling but also saving big bucks because you won’t have the movers transport that extra weight. All My Sons of Nashville suggests you really go through everything you own, you’ll be surprised as to how many things you don’t use. And if you have children, go through their old clothes, old toys, baby seats, all these items can really help out someone and save you money.

For big items like strollers, an extra washer, an old couch, an older computer try to sells these goods. Try to use websites like Craigslist to advertise them. Make sure you put your ad out in the local area of Craigslist, so the person picking it up won’t be burning too much gasoline to come and get the goods. This again will help put these items to good use, and it won’t end up in a landfill somewhere. Plus, in this case, not save you cash, but actually make you a little of a profit.

As far as the packing supplies you’ll be using, try to actually use some of your personal items to hold other items. For example, you can pack your clothes in suitcases, pack your shoes in big handbags, storage boxes can also be use for books and paper documents. Sheets and towels can be used for wrapping delicate items that go into boxes. When packing little electronic appliances like toasters, blenders, waffle makers and so on, use their original boxes. And so on.

When you finally move into your new dream home, you can always use eco-friendly paint and refurbished or used furniture. You can also purchase furniture made out of natural and environmentally-friendly materials.

As you can see, being a little greener when it comes to moving can really benefit you and the environment. Happy Moving!