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Decorating on a Budget

With the help of the arts and crafts and all things décor mogul herself, Martha Stewart, All My Sons of Nashville bring you random decorating ideas for your home that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. There are creative and cheaper ways to beautify your home and we’re going to help you know them.

To decorate your bedroom and give it more of a polished look, the local Nashville movers suggest you make your bed. Yes, decorate your bed, put on a sheet over your box sprint and get a seamless look. You can add decorative pillows for a more polished look. But since your bed is the focal point in your bedroom, by having it ‘dressed up’ the room will look more sophisticated and more pulled together.

For an inexpensive as well as creative way to have a media center, try using separate storage boxes or cubes that you can put together and create one big piece. You can choose different colors to make it even more interesting. Also, don’t forget to alternate between storing books, electronics and items that belong to a media center with accessories that are more decorative like mini plants or candles and pictures.

You can make your doors or even room separators more interesting by adding beautiful wallpaper. Use interesting patterns or textures as well as colors. This will mimic the look of tapestry at a much lower cost. You can also use wallpaper on frames, make interesting art to hang on your walls. Wallpaper is truly versatile because you can use it on many surfaces just to give it that extra oomph. Think about wallpapering shelves too.

Speaking of art on your walls, the Nashville movers suggest you don’t just stick to just signed art or photos. Think about light fixtures, chandeliers, arts and crafts projects your kids made, decorative plates, souvenirs you brought back from vacation destinations you visited, even wrapping paper.

Another cheap way to add sophisticated décor to your home sweet home is with decorative knobs and door handles. These can impact every room form your kitchen to your bathroom and more. You bathroom can also have more style with purposely mismatched but coordinated hand towels, reading magazines and that sort of thing. You can match your wastebasket, and toothbrush and soap holder so they all work together to keep one look.

If you have a home office, don’t forget to decorate that environment too. You want a nice office to go to so you can stay motivated even when you’re working in your pajamas. Keep it clean and streamlined and use things like decorated bulletin boards to add style. Think about nice storage boxes or folders for your paperwork and confidential documents and so on. We hope these little tips from All My Sons of Nashville and Martha Stewart online really help you create the home of your dreams.