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Avoid These Packing Mistakes

Mastering any skill takes time, effort, trial, and error, not to mention plenty of mistakes. Luckily, the long-time Tennessee movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage have the experience you need to pave the way when it comes to moving and packing. Below, your premier Tennessee moving company shares five packing mistakes to avoid so your move to Nashville goes as smooth as possible.

  1. Failure to Plan

    One of the easiest things people forget to do is create a packing strategy. Don’t just start throwing things in boxes because just that seems like the quickest thing to do. You’ll end up with wasted time, full of frustration when you fail to plan. Once you have your moving date set, your Tennessee moving company suggests creating a packing timeline and moving checklist for each day until moving day, keeping track of daily tasks.

  2. Packing the Wrong Way

    have to make sure that you are packing the right way to ensure that your belongings safe. You have to go the extra mile when packing your own belongings if you don’t opt for full-service Tennessee movers. Fragile items need to be packed with more effort than the rest, and you must ensure their safety, otherwise there’s a high chance that they will break. Have plenty of packing paper and bubble wrap to protect any of your most valuable items from damage.

  3. Forgetting to Label Boxes Thoroughly and Properly

    The Tennessee movers from All My Sons agree that if you fail to label your boxes properly, you’re costing yourself so much time after you move to Nashville. Sometimes when you arrive at your new home, the situation might be a little different than how you pictured in your mind. You won’t have any idea what is exactly in each box and you’re going to have to spend precious time going through each box before even knowing which room they belong in in order to better organize them.

  4. Packing Before Sorting and Purging

    This is a costly and time-consuming mistake. The more stuff you have, the more money you are going to spend on packing products and moving costs. Moving and packing costs are based on the total weight of the entire shipment; so, aside from paying more for packing products, service costs will also go up depending on more stuff that you have. You also won’t get back the time you spent packing all of those useless items.

  5. Insufficient Packing Products

    A very common packing mistake is underestimating how many packing products you’re going to need. You’ll find yourself very frustrated when you begin packing and run out of packing products. You’ll be running out of your packing supplies at the most inconvenient time, so make sure you have enough to get you through your move to Nashville. It’s always better to have more packing supplies than to not have enough.