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Moving Tips from the Professional Movers in Nashville

Packing up and moving to a new place is not always easy, you’re supposed to pick up your entire life, put it in boxes and move to a new neighborhood and so on. Not always fun, but definitely something you have to do in order to relocate. All My Sons of Nashville will help you out with a few moving tips of their own. Of course, the number one tip, is to get professional help when you move. Find a reputable moving company like All My Sons Moving and Storage of Nashville that’s experienced and licensed as well as insured. Of course, if you’re moving in and around the Tennessee, just call All My Sons of Nashville.

Making a list of everything you own is one way to help you not leave anything behind. You probably won’t remember the entire inventory, but go through every room and list the items that are there. Things that are as big as a king-size bed or a TV are hard to miss, but things like important documents, medical files, items you’ve purposely hid and so on, you might want to make sure that’s on your list.

Another list you can make, is of the items you want to throw away or give away to charity. Items you don’t use, old clothing, old kids’ toys that they don’t play with anymore, food that’s going to go bad by the time you move out, and all the other things that you don’t plan on taking with you. If you find that a lot of the stuff is still in good condition, you can hold a garage sale a week or two before you move.

Having all the packing supplies you need is another tip. Make sure to have boxes, newspaper, bubble wrap, tape and anything else that would make packing easier on you. If the supplies re right there in front of you, you won’t have to be interrupted with getting some more and therefore not lose precious time. Months before moving, or a several weeks before, you can start saving the newspaper or flyers you get at home so you ca use them while packing. As far as boxes are concerned, you can purchase them or try to get them for free at your local grocery store.

Make sure to label ALL your boxes. A lot of times, people start to do it but as they progress through packing, they forget. When you’ll be unpacking in your new home, you’ll be glad you did. It makes putting things into place much easier. Also, remember to pack things that belong together, in the same box. For example, match the cables batteries and that sort of thing with the right electronics in the right box. So you won’t be wasting time trying to find cables to have an appliance work in your new home.

All My Sons of Nashville wishes you the best in your new place. Remember, give us a call for a professional move on your schedule.