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Where to Find Free Packing Products in Knoxville

Finding packing products is one of the first steps to take when you’re packing for a move. Although, if you’ve decided to hire Knoxville moving and packing services from All My Sons Moving & Storage, the movers will arrive with plenty of packing supplies, leaving you with little to worry about. However, if you don’t have many items to transport and want to take care of things yourself, the following list of places will allow you to find all the packing products you need.


Office Supply Store

Office supply stores have their deliveries shipped in sturdy boxes. Not only that, they will have packing products such as packing peanuts, packing paper and other materials that the store won’t bother reusing. Visit a nearby Knoxville store to obtain free, quality packing products. The smaller boxes used to ship copier paper are perfect for packing your heavy items.



Books are heavy items, shipped in strong boxes of all shapes and sizes. Libraries and bookstores receive regular shipments of books that are ultimately thrown away or recycled. Contact your local Knoxville library and ask whomever is in charge to notify you when they will receive a book shipment and if they’ll be willing to set the boxes aside for you. They will be more than happy to part with what they consider garbage and provide you with fresh, free packing products in Knoxville.



Knoxville restaurants are a perfect place to obtain free boxes. They constantly receive shipments of liquor, canned goods and produce which all come in strong and sturdy boxes. Not only that, they will be happy to part with the boxes as they have no use for them. Boxes from restaurants are perfect for transporting fragile items like glassware and dishware. More than likely, they will have bottles and dishes shipped in those boxes anyway.


Grocery Stores

Local grocery stores are hotspots for individuals looking for free packing products in Knoxville. Not only do they have hundreds of boxes shipped weekly, they come in various sizes and one grocery store run can satisfy your cardboard box needs.


Hardware Stores

In addition to obtaining other packing products like scissors, bubble wrap, shipping tape, etc. Home improvement stores have big, sturdy boxes to giveaway. Their boxes are strong enough for packing appliances and other heavy items. Not only that, but local Knoxville hardware stores have workers who may be able to answer any questions about moving that you may have forgotten to inquire about with your contracted Knoxville packing services.



Possibly the easiest way to find free packing supplies is through online directories such as Craigslist and LetGo. Individuals who have relocated are always posting packing products from a leftover move for others to take. The quality of these packing supplies may not be as great as the supplies you would get from Knoxville packing service professionals; however, they were proven to get the job done previously and may be able to be serviceable again.