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Ways to Use Trash Bags During a Move

As you’re preparing for a move, anything that can be used as storage is helpful for packing. Though most people opt for standard moving boxes over, there are a lot of other purposes that trash bags can serve during a move. If you are in the packing stages of your move, our Knoxville local movers list a few other ways you can utilize trash bags when moving to help you out.

Alternative Ways to Use Trash Bags to Move

Our Knoxville movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage know that the cost of buying packing supplies in Knoxville to transport your belongings can add up quickly. That is why we recommend using items that you already have at home, such as trash bags, if you’re looking for ways to save money. Trash bags are great to protect items from the elements. Trash bags these days are stretchier than ever so you can fill them to capacity without worrying that they’ll rip and spill all your stuff. If you are thinking about using some of your extra trash bags to pack, here are some other uses for trash bags when moving.

1. Hanging clothes
When it comes to packing clothes for a move, everyone tries to avoid packing their clothes in a way that makes them wrinkled. A good way to keep your clothing from getting wrinkled is by leaving your clothing on the hanger and wrapping them in trash bags. You can use the trash bags the same way you would use a garment bag — slip the hanger and the clothing through the opening of the trash bag and then poke a hole on the bottom of the bag so you can grab the hanger hooks. Your clothing is not only covered, but they will also be wrinkle-free!

2. Bathroom linens
Another way to use trash bags during a move is to pack non-liquid bathroom supplies, such as towels, mats, and other linens. When you are ready to pack up your bathroom, using a trash bag for these items will reduce the number of moving boxes you need. Folding your linens, mats, and towels before placing them in the trash bag will maximize the space and make it easier to unpack.

3. Large bedding items
Packing your bedding in boxes can be challenging because sometimes items like pillows or comforters are a little too plush so you end up using a whole box just for one item. Just like packing your bathroom linens, during your move, use trash bags to pack up your bed linens and other bedding like pillows.

4. Plush toys
If you are moving with kids who have a lot of toys or a stuffed animal collection, you may want to think about packing these items in trash bags instead of moving boxes. Trash bags allow for quick and easy packing of the toys and plush animals and it also makes it easier for you to reach for your child’s favorite toy during the move if necessary.

5. House plants
For items that are a little messy, like house plants, trash bags are the perfect vessels to transport them! Moving with plants is a delicate process, so making sure that they are properly packed is key. You can use trash bags around the base of the plant pot to keep it steady during the move and also catch any soil that may fall out or water that may drip should the plant tip during the move.

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