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Makeover the Basement

Basements are an interesting part of the home and have a stigma of being an area that should be avoided. Cold and dingy, a basement can be transformed into a creative space—such as a game room or lounge area. With the right direction, you can turn your gloomy basement into a place that people are drawn to hang out. The Knoxville movers will help you learn how with a few easy tips. Certain elements can truly transform the basement into a welcoming space.

Lighting. A strategic lighting plan will play a huge role in the transformation of your basement. Like any other room in your home, a healthy mix of various elements of lighting is vital. Ceiling lights should follow a track lighting layout rather than a single harsh overhead light. Pot lights with recessed settings can also be very crucial for making the most out of low ceilings and limited space. Depending on the ceiling heights of the basement you should pick the option that flatters the room the best. In addition to the overhead lighting, mix in a few floor lamps, table lamps, wall sconces and candles.

Color. Just like lighting, color does a strong job at setting the tone and overall feel of a room. Careful thought should go in to the color scheme of the basement. A characteristically drab basement needs bright colors and light fabrics. A bright wall color accented by vivid artwork and highlighted by perfectly positioned rays of light. Mixing textures and prints in a coordinating color will pull the room together and have a warming effect, no matter how cool it was to begin with.

Floors. The existing floors will most likely need work in your basement. Laminate and engineered flooring is a great way to achieve a look without being susceptible to water damage. Keep consistent flooring throughout the entirety of the basement. Warm up the floors, which are likely to be cool due to dampness below, by adding floor rugs. Rugs are a safer bet than wall to wall carpet, because they will need to be periodically aired out to prevent mildew and holding water.

Window treatments. Small, sparse basement windows aren’t off limits for dressing up. Window treatments will not only make the area feel more like an actual room, but also hide underground “views” that you probably don’t want to look at anyway.

Don’t feel pressured to cover exposed brick and other touches that can give a modern, minimalist appeal to the space.