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Now is the Time to Sell Your Knoxville Home

It’s no secret that right now the market is flooded with low interest rates, below average listing prices, and a bevy of properties that need to sell. The Knoxville movers want you to know that just because factors are lining up in favor of the buyer does not mean that sellers are chopped liver. In fact, now is a fantastic time for Knoxville homeowners to put their house up for sale. Let’s explore the reasons why.

Demand. There are many interested and prospective home buyers in the Knoxville area looking for the house that is just right for them. In fact, buyer traffic is 31% higher than a year ago, meaning buyers are becoming increasingly confident—and also increasingly picky. As the market begins to strengthen, buyers are not just looking for investment properties—they want beautiful homes that are ready to be moved into and lived in.

Inventory is rising. New construction jobs by the dozens in Knoxville mean that soon there will be a bunch of brand new homes for interested buyers to snatch up. Nationally, the supply of available homes has risen from the beginning of this year, and as the demand increases this will only continue, making your existing home outdated. Now is the time to sell and unload the property before it is overlooked for newer models. Selling now gives you the advantage of also playing off of the pent up demand for prospective buyers before there are a sea of new homes flooding the market.

Interest rates growing. Rock bottom interest rates have nowhere to go but up. Since the beginning of 2013, lending rates have increased ½ point, and that will only continue to grow. Economists near and far have confirmed that the interest rates will increase with market stability—the longer you wait to sell your existing home, the higher the interest will be when you purchase your next one. Rising interest rates also puts the pressure on buyers to buy something sooner rather than later.

Whatever your motivation, know that the time to sell in Knoxville is here. Whatever is driving you—downsizing, moving closer to family, change of scenery—act now! The Knoxville local movers are ready and waiting to help you with your next move. See you soon!