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The Safest Ways to Move Heavy Furniture

The bending, the stretching, the heavy lifting, there’s got to be a better way. Don’t stress, the moving experts got some tips for you to keep your back straight and your muscles relaxed as you are preparing to move that heavy furniture.

Large furniture can get in the way as you’re preparing your house for a move. There are some packing products for heavy furniture that can make this job a lot easier and take the stress off your back.

Consider investing in a pair of furniture sliders for moving furniture on carpet. These little cushioned wonders will make that furniture move like it’s the hockey puck on the ice in game seven of the Stanley cup finals. You can easily find a pair of these at any furniture store or by contacting an AMS consultant and they won’t burn a whole in your pocket for how much you will get out of them.

Sliders don’t work for all furniture though as some needs a little extra lifting strength. Shoulder dollies are a safe, comfortable strap the two people can use to move the heaviest of filing cabinets. Simply throw on the straps and to the best of your ability slide them under the edges on the cabinet. When you both stand up straight the dolly will do all the work.

If you don’t have access to shoulder dollies, moving blankets can be an alternative when on tile or wooden floors. Do your best to get a tough, thick blanket under the piece of furniture you wish to move and watch that baby slide from one side of the room to the other.

If you are having trouble placing a blanket flat under the piece of furniture, grab some glossy magazines. The smooth finish will glide gracefully across most floors and prevent scratching.

As for awkward shaped or long pieces of furniture that need to be moved around a corner or through a doorway:  The best thing to do is to get the furniture on its side standing tall. This way it can easily maneuver around corners and through doorways with a breeze. 

The important thing when moving furniture is to do it correctly to prevent any injuries from occurring. As you pick up any piece of furniture remember to have a straight back and let your legs do the heavy lifting. Remember to grab low on the furniture with a good grip to prevent slipping. The lower you can get typically will help you get more leverage and grip on the piece of furniture as you lift. Also, you can make your life easier when you attempt to move dressers and cabinets by rooming the contents inside them or completely removing the drawers all together.

Another option is to leave the heavy lifting to the professional movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage. This way all risks are taken out and no injuries will occur.

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