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Smart Things to do Before You Move

There are plenty of moving tips floating around on the internet nowadays. But, if it is one thing that Knoxville movers know, it’s the moving tips that no one really thinks of. Plan your move smarter and make moving as easy as it could possibly be by trying some of these smart things to do before you move.

  1. Pack smartly. As much of a procrastinator as you may be, packing last minute is never recommended by moving companies. In fact, professional Knoxville movers, like All My Sons, will tell you to pack weeks prior to your move. To make packing stress-free, make a packing timeline. Allot one afternoon for packing one room, until all rooms are finished.
  2. Never use cardboard moving boxes. Knoxville movers think that you would be surprised how much money you can save by not using moving boxes at all. In the era of “going green”, one way that you can get the most bang for your buck when it comes to moving is by renting or purchasing plastic bins with attachable lids. Skip the packing tape and bubble wrap as well with these eco-friendly boxes. Moving boxes can be expensive when you are not going to keep them, so purchasing plastic bins will be sturdier, keep your belongings safe, and you can use them as storage bins forever if you choose.
  3. Don’t pack your closet. Wardrobe boxes can save you a lot of time and stress when moving to Knoxville. Wardrobe boxes are simple to pack and even simpler to unpack, saving you from having to iron after you move in.
  4. Create a Pinterest board. We know, this moving tip seems odd right? But, moving isn’t easy, especially if you have children. Make saying goodbye to your old home easier by creating a Pinterest board of things that you can do once your Knoxville movers have finished moving you in. Regardless of whether you are single or married with children, this is still a neat idea to get excited about moving.
  5. Move some items before your moving day. It may seem strange that a moving company would offer this suggestion; however, at All My Sons Moving & Storage Knoxville, we are in the business of helping your moving process as much as we can. Since most moving companies will charge you per pound of the weight of the moving truck after your belongings are loaded, it is a good idea to move small belongings or anything you may need the first week in your new home, prior to your moving day (if you have keys and can).
  6. Spend a weekend out on the town in Knoxville. Another common aspect to moving that most people do not think of is spending enough time in the city before you move there. Knoxville movers suggest that you look up some of the most popular places in town and tour your new neighborhood. This will make moving somewhere completely new not feel like a foreign area anymore.