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How Shower Caps can Help You Move

Worried about how to decide what to pack and what to toss on your upcoming move? Well, while it is certainly easy to get over-enthusiastic about tossing out some of your items, there are some that you may not want to part with just yet. Just take a look at these packing tips from your local Knoxville movers, and see what gems you should be packing and moving with you! Get ready, this list may surprise you.

  1. Matchbox. Ever find yourself at work, only to suddenly discover a missing button? Or have you been five minutes away from going to a dinner, when you realize that you accidentally ripped a hole in your favorite shirt? Well, use old matchboxes to create an on-the-go sewing kit for all of your minor wardrobe malfunctions.
  2. Beer Container. Just because you have finished the last of the bottles from the six pack that you bought, does not mean that the container has to go to waste. Conveniently, it makes the perfect carrier for condiments, allowing you to easily transport it from the kitchen table to the outside barbeque, without making a mess.
  3. Cassette Case.  Stumbling upon your old cassette collection from the 80s will not only take you back in time, but also provide the perfect carrier for objects that easily get tangled – such as your headphones. Coil all of your wires and place them in old cassette cases for a foolproof way of never getting your USB cord in a knot again.
  4. Lifesavers. No, not the kind you use at the pool. Make sure to plan on packing and moving your favorite candy so that you can use them at celebrations later on – they make the perfect-sized birthday-candle holder. Not to mention, they add an extra degree of charm and flavor to your baked goods!
  5. Tissue Boxes. There always seems to be a ton of these lying around, yet they never get reused. Hold off on throwing them out, they make an ideal container for keeping all of your extra plastic bags and garbage bags in one place. This will especially come in handy throughout your move, when you will without a doubt need a surplus of plastic bags on hand.
  6. Shower Cap. These are great for wrapping your shoes while packing and moving. They prevent your shoes from getting all those germs you pick up from walking around every day, all over your nice, clean wardrobe. If you are staying in a hotel during your moving process, make sure to grab a few extra shower caps for the next time you need to pack – you will quickly realize how handy they become!
  7. Window Decals. Have your kids outgrown their old window decals they used to decorate all of the windows in the house with? Now is the perfect time to use them as drink markers for your next housewarming party; you will find that it is an incredibly easy way to make sure no one gets their glasses mixed up!