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Relocating to Knoxville with Kids

Moving can be hard on kids. Leaving their friends behind is tough, and being the new kid at school can be even more difficult. But there are some things that you can do as their parent to get your kids comfortable and even excited about relocating to Knoxville. Your Knoxville moving company has plenty of tips to make moving with kids easier.

Telling your kids that you are moving may be really hard for you to do, but it is something that you need to do sooner than later. Have a family meeting, order pizza, and cast the situation in a positive light. Ask them how they are feeling and be particularly sympathetic, especially if this is their first time moving. Tell them all of the great things that you know about Knoxville, and if you have pictures of your new home, show them. Try to get them familiar and comfortable with the new idea.

They say that attitude is everything, and that is especially true if you have children. Your kids pick up on your mood, opinions, and biases, so keep that in mind while you are moving. If you are stressed, they will sense it and be stressed as well. If you are upset about moving, it will give them all the more reason to be sad. Be excited about the move, and try not to stress during the process, so that your kids can get excited too.

Once everything is out in the open, help your kids pack. They probably have toys that they no longer play with and clothes that no longer fit. Help them decide what to get rid of and have a garage sale before your move. You will probably have lots of stuff to add to the garage sale as well. You can decide as a family what to buy with your earnings. Maybe you can put the garage sale revenue towards a new TV, a trampoline, or a family night out.

When your move-out date is drawing near, plan a going-away party for your kids. Invite neighborhood families and their school friends. While it may be a bit sad, it is good for your children to have a sendoff with those closest to them; make sure that they get everyone’s emails and phone numbers if they do not already have them. Take pictures, eat pizza, play games, and let your kids tell their friends about their new home in Knoxville.

One of the best parts of moving is decorating and organizing rooms, it gives you a fresh start. The same is true for your children. Help them map out their new room. This can involve things like painting the walls a fun color, reorganizing the layout, or even buying new furniture. If you are planning on purchasing new items, take the kids with you and consider their input. Let them pick out items like bed sheets, rugs, and curtains, and it will get them excited about their new bedroom.

If it is possible, take your children to their new home. If that is not a feasible option because it is too far, explore the city as a family once you get there. Downtown is a great place to start. There are tons of restaurants and retail stores, and the vibe is quaint and friendly. You can also wander down to the Tennessee River, where you can rent canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, and jet skis, which is the perfect way to get the kids excited about relocating to a new home.

While moving with kids can be tough, there are plenty of things you can do to soften the blow for your little ones. Knoxville is a wonderful city, so they definitely will not be sad for long.