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Quick & Easy Apartment Updates

After some time in the same place, an apartment can get a stale feeling that requires you to take action and liven up your living space. Decorating is something that can inject a little excitement into your home, and it doesn't have to be overly consuming or expensive. Luckily, there are easy weekend projects you can take on which will breathe new life into your home. The Knoxville movers are here to offer quick home makeover tips to give you easy updates that won’t break the bank. Set aside a weekend to tackle a few updates, or do them throughout your normal routine when you get a little free time--there are no rules, so there isn't any pressure either.

Pick up some new textiles. Throw pillows are the accents on your living room furniture and also on all the beds in your home, and they can be seasonally swapped out.  Heavier fabrics like wool are ideal for winter months, but spring and summer months call for a lighter fabric, such as linen. Scour big bin stores like Ross and HomeGoods to find throw pillow for much lower than other retailers. Also, if you are feeling crafty you can create your own covers for existing pillows and change them periodically as you need a change. Throws and other light blankets can also be swapped out to colors that coordinate with the pillows and the room in general. Chenille blankets are light for warmer months, and fleece throws and woven Mexican blankets are cozy for colder days on the couch.

Update your bookcases or shelving. Bookshelves are often an area that gets organized once and then rarely looked at or touched again. Updating what’s on your shelves and trying something new, such as wallpapering the back of the shelf, is an easy and quick way to change up a piece of furniture and get a breath of fresh air in your stuffy living room. Also, adding shelves to the wall is an inexpensive and easy way to display collections, get items off of the tables and out of the way, and showcase particular things such as a statuette or picture frame as a focal point.

Create artwork. Canvas can be bought at any art supply store, and from there let your imagination be your guide. All you need is a little paint and some direction. Maybe pick up a few canvasses and create coordinating pieces of art, such as flowers. You’ll change the look and feel of the room in no time. You can even use natural items like leaves and flowers dipped in paint to create a cool, natural style of artwork that brings the outdoors in--without all the mess.

Paint an accent wall. A full scale repainting of a room can sometimes be too much, especially with moving furniture out of the way and keeping an area off limits. Painting a single wall in a bold color will allow you to obtain the drama of paint without all of the work. Choose the wall that is meant to be the focal point of the room.

There you have it—a few simple ways to spruce up your Knoxville home on the fly!