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Packing for a Move in Under 24 Hours

Whether or not you have an unexpected move to pack for, or have just perfected the art of procrastinating, these packing tips for moving will make your life that much easier. Don’t forget to take a moment to breathe; with our help you are going to make it! 

1. One Thing at a Time. First, make a “Packing Supplies Shopping List.” Then, after you have gathered all of those items, start going room by room and packing everything up, one at a time. Also, unpacking will get that much easier if you pre-organize your boxes by rooms. Set a designated time frame for having your living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms packed. Don’t worry about having to pack up the whole house, just focus on each room one at a time. 

2. Use Colors. In order to make your life easier while packing and eventually unpacking, organize your moving boxes with different colored packing tape. This way, once the boxes are packed in the moving truck, you will already know which box goes in which room, while unloading them at your new home. Not only that, but if you forget to pack something or need to retrieve an item, you don’t have to worry about fishing through piles of identical, mysterious boxes.  This will simultaneously make packing and unpacking go much faster, and save you precious time. 

3. Sort into Three Categories. Stock up on plenty of moving boxes and garbage bags and make sure that each room has plenty. 

Separate everything into three categories: 

- Items that you want to keep or need: such as items of true sentimental value and items that are used often

- Items that are still in good quality that you plan on donating

- And a throw-out pile consisting of items in poor quality that you want to dispose of. 

If you are having trouble narrowing it down what to keep and what to get rid of, then go by the rule that for every two items you keep, donate at least one. Don’t have time to bring the items you are discarding to a donation center? Then have the donation center come to you! Most charities will happily pick up discarded belongings that are still in good condition.  

4. Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends. Call All My Sons Moving & Storage and have them come over as soon as possible. Not only are they are always accommodating and ready to help, they are also consistently quite speedy. While they are on their way, make sure to finish going through any of the remaining items left unpacked. Have friends and family come over to help…even if you have to bribe them with beverages and pizza. The more hands on deck the better! 

Once all the mayhem of packing is finally over, give yourself a pat on the back. After all, you just did in 24 hours what takes most people a minimum of eight weeks! Hate to say we told you so.