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Packing and Moving Tips When it is Raining

Moving day is right around the corner. How exciting? Unfortunately, the reliable weatherman is calling for rain in the forecast on the big day. Now you must prepare the right packing supplies and be ready for moving in the rain.

Grab a large supply of plastic bags in multiple sizes. These are ultra-helpful for rainy days, from makeshift ponchos to keep you dry as well as a poncho to keep your hanging clothes dry. Also, with smaller bags you can throw the items you are packing in them, tie them off and place those filled bags in the boxes ready for any rainy day move.

Unfortunately, plastic bags will not work for everything that you are moving. For larger items like furniture, wood shelves and that mattress you love so much, we recommend shrink wrapping so you’re prepared for any torrential downpours. As for moving boxes: double up on packing tape. As good as it is, the extra tape will water proof the openings. Don’t be afraid to tape the edges of all your boxes as well. A little extra sturdiness to the boxes will only help if they get wet.

 Upon arrival at the new house, make use of your garage if you have one. Transport as much furniture and boxes from the truck to the garage in the shortest distance as possible. The large garage door opening is perfect for quick movements as you carry boxes through the rain, without the worry of fitting through a smaller door opening.

For some added cover. If you have access to tents, tarps, or anything that can be used as high head cover, do yourself a favor and set it up. This will give you some relief from walking through puddles and bringing some of that rain water in the house. Also, moving on a dry surface reduces the chances of falling.

If you must move through the rain and have no head cover at all, map out what you transfer from the truck to the house. Look for things that can get wet like plastic tubes or objects that won’t be a problem moving in the rain. Then when there is a break in the action or the droplets slow down, take full advantage of those items that cannot get wet.

As the drops keep coming and the boxes steadily unload, assign someone as the dryer. Have them stand inside with some towels and wipe off your belongings that can’t stay wet for an extended period. You could also have rotations of this position so every gets a break and takes a fair share of the heavy lifting.

Pro Tip: Remove items upon arrival. Too often, many people arrive at their new house and their first thought is to run inside without grabbing anything off the truck. It’s raining, make the most of your trips from the truck to the house.

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