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Moving with a Toddler to Knoxville

Terrible twos. Torturous threes. We have all been there. And chances are you have seen a child going through this tough stage. It’s a time in a child’s life when their brain is going through some major developmental changes, and it makes people want to pull their hair out. The good news is they grow out of it and become the lovable cuties they once were. Doing anything with a toddler can test your patience, to say the least, and moving is no exception to that. If you are moving with a toddler to Knoxville, here are some tips to make the transition as smooth as possible.

When kids are toddlers they typically won’t understand what moving means. Their little brains can’t necessarily grasp the concept that their whole world is about to be upheaved and moved somewhere else. One of the best ways to minimize the stress and anxiety that this can induce is to keep toddlers in the dark for part of the process and completely involve them in other parts of the process. When it comes to the house hunting and figuring out the details of the move, it’s a good idea to leave their little brains out of it. Moving is a concept that they probably won’t understand, so why add the unnecessary stress? But, once you find the new house, if it is close enough to visit once or twice, it is a good idea to introduce your toddler to the house. It’ll start to prep their brain for the big change ahead.

Once moving time gets closer and it’s time to start packing, try packing when your toddler is taking a nap or on a play date. Again this is something that they don’t really understand. But, once it’s time to pack up their room, which should be done last, involve them as much as possible. It will show them that all of their belongings aren’t getting left behind, and that everything is going to be okay. Then when it is actually moving day, try to make sure there is someone there whose soul purpose is to keep them occupied, or get them out of the house completely. Not only will this prevent any accidents, but it will greatly lessen the stress for both you and your toddler.

One thing that a lot of parents recommend doing is one final walk through of the old house. Have your toddler say bye to each room before you leave. This helps them have a better understanding of what’s happening. Also have their room set up first as to try to avoid disrupting any schedules you have them on. Moving to Knoxville with toddlers can be extremely hard, but with the right amount of planning and effort you can make it as seamless as possible.