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Moving into Your First Home

If you are planning on moving into your first home, and it just so happens to be in Knoxville, you are probably really excited and a little anxious. Buying your first home was a major life decision, but you did it! Now time to think about the move, which can be a bit overwhelming.

You are likely moving into a bigger place than where you are living now, so you will have more room to grow. There will be furniture to buy, walls to paint, and boxes to unpack. Let your Knoxville moving company give you some pointers to make this transition as seamless as possible.

Before the Big Day

Before your Knoxville movers begin bringing in boxes, there are some things that you should do around the house that are easier if your belongings are not in the way.

Start by cleaning your new home. Even if the previous owners did a good job of leaving it tidy, you will probably want to do some cleaning yourself. Washing down walls, cabinets, baseboards and fans will get rid of any dust that has been clinging to surfaces and potentially missed by the previous owners. You will also want to give the floors, kitchen, and bathroom a good scrub down. If you are too busy to do this, plenty of cleaning companies offer move-in specials.

If you are going to paint your new home’s interior, now is the time. This may also be a job where you will want to hire an expert, depending on how many rooms need to be painted and how comfortable you are with a brush.

You can also take this time to personalize your new home. It is a good idea to hang window treatments or curtains before your movers get there. This will instantly make your place feel like home. It will also give you some privacy and keep your home cool. You can also install new switch plates to give your walls a more finished look.

During the Move

The day of your move, things will finally begin to come together. Let your movers know where you would like your furniture, and we will handle the rest. Once boxes are loaded off the truck, you can start to unpack rooms like the kitchen or bathrooms if you are antsy to get settled. Otherwise, you can sit back and relax for a bit.

After the Storm

Once all of your belongings are in your home, it is time to unpack and organize! It is best to have a plan before you start randomly ripping open boxes. You should work room by room instead. In the kitchen, map out what will go in each cabinet and drawer. This way, you will not get halfway done and realize that you do not have enough room. Begin by opening your dishes, glasses, and cups. If you need to wash them, load them in the dishwasher. Then, move on to the boxes that contain silverware and cutlery. Next, pots and pans. Put your small appliances away and then you can move onto spices, baking goods, and food items you brought, which will likely go into a pantry.

Then, you can move onto bathrooms, bedrooms, and closets. Closets, while small, can be time-consuming because there is usually a lot to unpack. Give yourself some time, and do not rush, or you will overwhelm yourself.

Once you are unpacked, you will be so relieved, and your home will look great! To reward yourself, you and the family should go out and explore the wonderful city of Knoxville! Grab a bite to eat, visit the Tennessee River, or enjoy some bluegrass music downtown. There is plenty to do in your new neighborhood!