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How to Move to Knoxville in One Week

Knoxville is a prime location for big corporations. If you work for a company and they want you to move to Knoxville in one week, All My Sons of Knoxville has a helpful how-to-guide to moving within a week.

-          Day 1: Get up early and start making phone calls. You will want to get on the phone with your utility companies and transfer service to your new address. Then, you will want to book a local mover. If your company is requiring you to move in such a short time frame, they most likely will cover your mover’s fees. Opt for a full-service mover so that they will pack your current home, in its entirety, saving you a lot more time to get your personal finances, utilities, change of address situated, and be able to say goodbye to friends and family. If you are moving your stuff on your own, you will want to purchase packing supplies and rent a truck. For a fast move, you do not have enough time to sort through all of your belongings and organize them neatly into separate boxes. If you need to move to Knoxville in one week, you may want to consider putting everything into large trash bags.

-          Day 2: Day two is when you really have to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Start by packing your kitchen, which is typically the most difficult room to pack. Make sure that you set aside stuff that you will need for the rest of the week, but pack everything else. The kitchen is the best room to go through items and decide what you do and do not need. If you have any duplicate appliances, now is the time to decide which one is the better of the two and get rid of its twin. Continue by packing the drawers, packing the pantry, packing contents from the fridge, and pack your larger appliances last. Of course, check all food products from your pantry and fridge for expired dates and throw them away if necessary.

-          Day 3: If you need to move to Knoxville in one week, on day three you will need to pack your living room. Pack up all pictures and décor. Obviously, your larger items such as furniture, will wait until the day that you have a moving truck to store it in. On day three, you will also want to pack the bathrooms and dining room. When packing your bathroom, try to fit as much as you can in one box or trash bag and do not worry about sorting it. Set aside toiletries that you will need for the rest of the week and the first week in your new place.

-          Day 4: On day four you will want to tackle your bedroom. Pack all clothing and as you are packing, very quickly make a pile of items that you do not wear anymore, you can call it the donation pile. On day four it would be beneficial to you to take a break after packing your bedroom. Go to a movie or restaurant and hang out with friends as a farewell before you move.

-          Day 5: Put the finishing touches on packing on day five.

-          Day 6: Disassemble any furniture and electronics on day six. Also pack any outdoor items that you may have, such as garden pots or lawn décor that you will want at your new home. If you have to move to Knoxville in one week, you will also want to make sure that you clean your current home to the best of your ability because you will not have the chance to come back and clean after you move. For lunch or dinner, order some take out and try to relax in the evening, you will have a big day tomorrow.

-          Day 7: Finish your last minute packing, cleaning, pack your car, and do a walk through to make sure that you did not forget anything. Your Knoxville movers want you to enjoy this day so relax and let your professional Knoxville movers do the rest.