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How to Make Your New Home Cozy

All My Sons of Knoxville has moved many families into new homes. Some families get older and move in order to downsize, and some families are just starting out and move into a bigger living space. No matter what the case, all families want their home to be warm and comforting. If you are moving to Knoxville, your local movers have some tips on how to make your new home cozy.

Making your new home cozy, does not have to break your bank and burn holes in your pocketbook. You can make subtle changes and simple touches in order to warm up the rooms in your new home and give them a welcoming character.

Try adding some lighting. Dimmer lights are a great alternative to bright lighting and can even help you save electricity. The style of the lighting fixtures that you choose can also add a cozy touch to the rooms in your home. Price out sconces, chandeliers, and decorative office and standing lamps. Think of different places where you can add lighting as well. For example, under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen to accentuate a great countertop adds a simple decorative flair that a lot of home owners do not even think of.

Adding color can make a difference too. If a room in your new home seems too bright or too bland, spice it up with a warm color such as an orange or darker beige, even grey. If you change the paint color of a room, make sure that you add coordinating décor as well. Add matching pillows, throw blankets, or new drapery to accentuate the new wall color. Another great way to make your home more cozy and inviting, is to paint the front door a darker, bolder color. The Knoxville local movers suggest you splash vibrant, eye-popping paint on your front door. It will instantly make your home standout as well as add personality to your home.

Keep in mind that if you are trying to make your new home cozy, warmer colors can really make the world of a difference. Warmer colors are easier on the eyes and therefore, are more relaxing.  Professional decorators suggest that to add comfort to even the brightest room, simply adding pillows, a painting, or throw blankets of a darker tone, like a brown, will allow peoples’ eyes to relax.  
All My Sons of Knoxville wants you and your family to be comfortable in your new home, adding simple decorative touches that are within your budget, can help make your new home as cozy as your old home, and make your Knoxville home the perfect sanctuary.