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Loud Neighbors? Tips to Soundproofing Your Knoxville Apartment

Few things are more frustrating than living next door to loud people. From crying babies to baby-making, you’re bound to hear your neighbors at some point. In fact, they are probably hearing you too. Thankfully there are a few tips to soundproofing your rental so that everyone can enjoy a little peace and quiet.

Seal any cracks

Wired.com suggests using a product such as Green Glue to laminate your walls or stick sheet rock to the ceilings for super soundproofing. This type of soundproofing is not an option for most renters; however, you can use the sealant to plug up cracks and gaps. Even the smallest crevice can leak sound. Check with your landlord before you use any type of sealant.

Amp up texture

Adding curtains, fabrics, rugs, and pillows are all methods of diffusing noise. Think about it: in an empty room, you hear an echo as sound bounces from wall to wall. When the room is filled, sound has less open ground to travel.

Rearrange furniture

Rearrange your furniture to both block sound and avoid it. Arranging large bookshelves against the wall next to your noisy neighbors will add an extra barrier. Likewise, move your bed away from walls that produce noise.

Stop the shaking

Stabilizing shaky furniture will surely please the neighbors. Unstable side-tables and even sofas can cause major noise for the folks downstairs. Wherever possible, lengthen legs of uneven chairs and add weight to flimsy DIY furniture.

If all else fails, you might need to invest in a white noise machine to control other noise nuisances. Additionally, consider talking to your neighbors and working with the landlord to set up building quiet hours.

Good luck as you try and calm the noise in your home. One thing is for sure—living in Knoxville is likely quieter than living in Nashville, where everyone is a musician who probably practices at home from time to time.