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Knoxville Moving Tips

If moving is in your near future, then you can probably use a little help with some moving tips from All My Sons Moving and Storage of Knoxville, the premier Knoxville moving company. We are family owned and are licensed and insured. Our local movers are efficient and professional and will take extra good care of your belongings. Like for example, quilt-padding your delicate furniture and mirrors. Take a look at some of these moving tips to make the move a little easier on you.

Make a list of things you need to pack. A good while before you start packing, write down what you’re taking with you to your new place. You’ll come up with an obvious list like clothing, shoes, books, and so on. But the longer your list gets, the less obvious your items will be. Like special documents, passports, paperwork, photo albums, financial files, and so on. You’ll become more aware of the stuff you want to leave behind, donate or throw out. This will also help give you an idea about how many boxes you’ll need in order to move.

 Always have a lot of packing supplies. This includes boxes, tape, newspaper even bubble wrap. You’ll need more boxes and more tape than you actually think you would. People always underestimate how much stuff they own. Try to have boxes of different sizes so your belongings pack snuggly in a box and they won’t move.

Get your boxes from the local grocery store, your office or buy them. You can use newsprint to wrap up the delicate stuff, but you can also use sheets or towels. Don’t forget to save a few boxes for last minute things you need to pack up on your way out on moving day.

Label, label, label. You’ll always know what’s inside the box, but more importantly when the movers get to your new home, you’ll know what room to direct them to. And always try to keep items that go together, well, together in the same box. For example, pictures with their picture hooks, lamps with their light bulbs, small appliances with their extension cords and so on.

Prepare a basic cleaning box for when you first arrive to your new place. Before putting things into place and arranging your new home, you’ll probably want to clean it first. So, if you have a box with cleaning supplies together, you’re ready to go. Include sponges, household cleaners and anything else you might think you need.

Use your luggage instead of boxes for some of the items. Like clothing, sheets, towels, duffel bags, sleeping bags, or even your purses. You can even have one luggage totally dedicated to shoes. Also, be sure you have essentials packed in an overnight bag that you will need right away following your move to Knoxville.