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Important Documents to Update Before You Move

While you’re planning out your move to Knoxville, you’re most likely focused on the logistics of the move more than anything else. However, there’s something else you must focus on: important documents. In order for your life to go smoothly after your move, you must notify certain organizations of your change of address. Failure to do so can lead to a delay in mail, a gap in a variety of services that can potentially cause an issue, and more. There’s nothing to worry about, though, as our Knoxville movers can fully explain what important documents to update before you move.

Local Post Office

Before you tackle other important documents to update, start with your local post office. To change your address with the post office, you can either visit their website or go to the post office physically to fill out their Mover’s Guide packet.1 After notifying the post office, you’ll have mail forwarded to the new address for up to 12 months, giving you plenty of time to go over other important documents to update. Make sure to update your address with U.S.P.S about a week before your moving day to prevent any gaps in mail service after moving to Knoxville.

Social Security Administration

If you receive benefits or letters from the Social Security Administration, you must notify them of your change of address before you move to Knoxville. Give them a call at (800)772-1213 or go online to change your address through your “my Social Security” account online. 

Utility Companies

Of course, you must cross off “gas and electric companies” on your personal documents checklist before moving to Knoxville. It’s important to update your address with them to prevent a gap in services. The last thing you want after you move to Knoxville is to be left without any electricity to turn on the lights or maintain a comfortable temperature amidst the hustle and bustle of the move. Before your moving day, arrange to have service shut off in the old residence and schedule a date to have them reactivated in the new residence with your utility companies. This way, you are not as likely to incur extra charges after you’ve moved out.

Current Employer

Even though you may have your wages direct-deposited into your bank account, you’ll still need to let your employer know of your change of address. This way, you can receive a copy of paystubs, tax forms, and other documents needed for other services.

Friends & Family

Don’t forget to let your loved ones know of your move to Knoxville. Notifying them of your move will help them navigate to your new home through Google Maps, Waze, or other GPS systems. In addition, they’ll have the correct address to send you housewarming presents!

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